HR Sector To Be Transformed by Blockchain-Based Tech

HR Sector To Be Transformed by Blockchain-Based Tech

The first Fintech decentralized marketplace is about to be developed in which companies can seek talents and freelancers for long-term and short-term positions.

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FintechFans which is renowned for supporting Fintech companies in finding skilled professionals, has made public their intentions to unveil an Initial Coin Offering. It will be unveiled in form of a Tokensale come November 1.

The crowdsale will focus on getting funds to be used for first Fintech decentralized marketplace development in which companies can seek talents and professional freelancers for long-term and short-term positions respectively. The period from November 1 to November 30 will mark the tokensale.

Smart Contracts based on the Ethereum Blockchain will be adopted by the new FintechFans platform in a bid to permit direct payments for services implement via the marketplace. With regards to the payment method to be used on the platform, FintecCoin (FINC), a FintechFans invention, will be adopted.

FintechCoin will serve as a utility that implements actions in the decentralized FintechFans application (dApp). Since the platform is decentralized, there will be no flow of fees to a central party. But because fees are key in enhancing quality content on the platform, the designers saw it fit to have them destroyed.

There is need to adjust prices of services on the FF platform due to the total amount of FINC tokens in existence. Tokenholders’ will voice their opinion with respect to advertisement costs. This is meant to uphold the decentralized and self-sustainable nature of the platform.

Also, the existence of a Job Board ( gives Fintech professionals a chance to assess career opportunities ranging from internships to co-founding positions. The FintechFans Job Board certainly tops the list of all-inclusive staffing solutions for FinTechs globally. This definitely necessitates taking the next step.

A funding goal of a minimum of 0.8 million Euros and a maximum of 10.95, million Euros has to be realized in order to develop the platform. If the goal is unrealized, the supporters will get back the funds. There is no doubt that FinTech dominates when it comes to the innovative sectors that are presently active.

The time is ripe for blockchain technology to get the popularity it deserves. There is potential in Finanical technology. The network has what it takes for funding and innovation. FintechFans is believed to be the catalyst that is needed, commented Marcel van Oost the CEO of FintechFans.