How to Disrupt Everything – A Blockchain Event; Amsterdam, July 10 & 11

How to Disrupt Everything – A Blockchain Event; Amsterdam, July 10 & 11

YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS. Being in the right place at the right time matters. Surrounding yourself with ambitious conversations and daring discussion

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Being in the right place at the right time matters. Surrounding yourself with ambitious conversations and daring discussions has an impact. If you look at the world and see room for improvement, there are tools available for the challenge.

We are at the beginning of a paradigm shift. Blockchain has become not only a technology, but rather a strategy to radically redesign the institutions and services we take for granted. It’s a tool that allows the ambitious to positively disrupt legacy systems creatively and unleash new opportunities.

At How to Disrupt Everything, you’ll learn how to join this movement and participate in the greatest socioeconomic revolution on earth. The event will be covering a variety of topics to get you started, such as “Being your own bank”, building and using decentralized applications (Dapps), untraceable digital money, and much more.

By the time you leave, you’ll have the knowledge and network needed to change the world.


Business? Healthcare? Academic? Science? There’s bound to be processes that you find redundant or could be radically improved. Knowing the fundamentals of the blockchain revolution gives you tangible tools to tackle problems you didn’t think you could touch. Your ambition is the limit. No matter your industry or study. Learn how to gain agency in the new world from experts and peers in the industry who want to get you involved.



To modernize, streamline and simplify its administrative functions, NASDAQ has recently invested more than $100 million in implementing this new tech across the world’s second largest exchange.


Swiss banking giant, UBS, is a big believer in the power of distributed ledgers to redefine finance. The bank has opened a research facility in London aimed at driving distributed ledgers mainstream.


Visionaries like Apple’s Steve Wozniak, entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire and Virgin’s Richard Branson are investing millions in this new technology. They are among the first to see how valuable distributed ledgers are about to become.


Now in its fifth year, Keynote is the longest running and most attended financial conference for the bitcoin, blockchain, and currency industries.


Following the success of conferences in Amsterdam, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles, hundreds of senior executives will travel to Amsterdam again on July 10 & 11, 2017 to discuss the bright future of Bitcoin and Blockchain, the most successful virtual currency in the world.


Bitcoin is making waves in both the media and financial world. With government regulators and online retailers finally recognizing the power of Bitcoin, this virtual currency is set to change the way we handle money.


If you’re not well schooled in bitcoin and its underlying technology, you’re not alone. Most executives don’t understand the repercussions of this new disruptive tech.

Attend the How To Disrupt Everything to get yourself up to speed on the applications, ramifications and nuances of bitcoin and the blockchain. Be the first among your peers to profit from this new technology.


Come to the capital of the Netherlands and meet us in Amsterdam. The best excuse to learn about how to disrupt the world is to have it where you were already planning for your summer vacation.

July 10 & 11 at De Kromhouthal Amsterdam.

De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam is a centrally located, multifaceted location built in 1925. It is both hip and styled but above all functional and welcoming.

The former factory was re-purposed as an event hall in 2011, while maintaining monumental elements such as the industrial cranes and it’s overall rough character.

Visit the event’s official website and buy tickets here.


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    I have great respect to what the blockchain has brought to the morden finance .I recently heard from the news that bitcoin is widely used in Japan as means of exchange .I can’t wait for such kind of transformation to the rest of world and Tanzania at large.
    I would particularly be happy to receive this kind of knowledge and educate others about new revolution of the digital currency.