How Ether Expands Its Market With E4ROW

How Ether Expands Its Market With E4ROW

E4ROW (Ether 4 the Rest Of the World) is a new project that aims to introduce Ether to the masses. E4ROW’s main goal is to popularise the cryptocurren

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E4ROW (Ether 4 the Rest Of the World) is a new project that aims to introduce Ether to the masses. E4ROW’s main goal is to popularise the cryptocurrency not only within the blockchain community but also within regular people who may not even have heard of Ethereum. The project’s plan is to release a series of digital games and apps that utilise the Ether cryptocurrency. The games will be accessible to the public on large online app stores such as Google Play and will require the purchase of Ether coins.

E4ROW was founded by David B. Rosen and created with the help of a software development team called Live Player Games. The project’s initial coin offering (ICO) started on May 2nd, 2017 and reached its min cap of 5000 Ethers by the planned end of the ICO on May 23rd, 2017. The first product of the development team is already on the market and is called Uncle Finney’s Poker. It is an Android app which enables ordinary people to bet and win Ether without having even basic info of what cryptocurrency is. The game is being played by the public and customers are already earning from it.

The biggest advantage of Uncle Finney’s Poker is that it does not require from users to store large sums of money before even starting to play. Poker games usually have two main strategies. They either involve depositing funds in advance of playing or do not use real money at all. Uncle Finney’s Poker users do not have to invest beforehand but can still bet money of real value. The contract of the app stipulates that the game only works as an escrow where Ethers are temporarily placed. This gives extra security to the game as customers’ money is collected only for a short period of time and then distributed back to the players.

In addition to that, the new poker game has an online Ether wallet available where customers can easily send, receive and store cryptocurrency coins. The application is user- and mobile friendly and can be utilised by virtually anyone. With more than a 100 million poker players around the world, the potential market of the game is enormous. Uncle Finney’s Poker is successfully executing the plan of E4ROW to expand Ether’s market by popularising the cryptocurrency within the masses. However, the app is only the first of many more games that carry the same mission and are still to be released.