How can Blockchain Disrupt Your Whole World?

How can Blockchain Disrupt Your Whole World?

You may get some comments from some of the people claiming to get graduated from some very prestigious institution. This is something that cannot be v

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You may get some comments from some of the people claiming to get graduated from some very prestigious institution. This is something that cannot be verified by going and finding from that institution. They might be honest but it may not always be so fine to trust all that is told but you may need to verify. It would be great if we can check any claim’s authenticity by just clicking on button and knowing result in much faster way.

With the increase in the popularity of bitcoins that have happened in last 10 years, there has been an opportunity created so that any strangers can transact money to each other safely. Bitcoin is the digital money, transfer of the same is recorded over global ledger named blockchain. This global ledger has got so many copies stored in different computers from all over world. This can thus put this ledger at the risk of easily getting compromised or reach wrong hands. Global blockchain provides with timeline comprising the transactions which have occurred thus making them virtually unhackable. There is a huge breakthrough with Bitcoin finding way for guarantying immutability of blockchain. This is the public blockchain which no government controls or company have control on functions as the public resource with the potential for bringing that positive change.

Applying Blockchain Towards Academia

There are so many schools who have started making use of blockchain as the notary for the official records from few years. Giving somebody any certificate is also a transaction and blockchain can be used for recording the same including details like who have issued the certificate and who has received the same. Store code can even be made used for verifying that contents that are there on certificate are not altered. This just states that graduates can receive digital certificate which are signed cryptographically by school. This is tamper proof and can be easily verified on later date by anyone with the help of verification service for checking blockchain. This can make it possible for a decentralized technology to easily replace centralized institutions for providing security. Instead of consulting central authority, lookup service can consult blockchain for verifying certificate.

MIT Media lab is one among the earliest institutions to register the digital certificated over blockchain. After an year, it announced one proof of concept and even shared some very philosophical motivation by keeping up with very prolonged history that talks about transparency. The code was not completely open but major and critical parts of it are not shown at all.

MIT has spent the whole year for ensuring that the initial concept that they have come up with can be released as public resource. They have done this with the help of learning machine. They are positioning release in the form of standard that is open source to ensure that they can take care of blockchain certificates for ensuring interoperability in the future. The motivation is for clearly helping them establish some common patterns for future is not that incompatible. All these are launched in Blockcerts. The project that MIT and learning machine has released is a very useful one.