Gartner Made A List Of “Cool” Blockchain Vendors

Gartner Made A List Of “Cool” Blockchain Vendors

Technology research company Gartner has recently published a report that outlines some “cool” vendors in the area of Blockchain applications. As the

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Technology research company Gartner has recently published a report that outlines some “cool” vendors in the area of Blockchain applications.

As the researchers stated in their summary:

Blockchain technology, with a radically different way to manage trust, retain data and execute processes, serves as a foundation for transformational business applications. We profile five blockchain pioneers for CIOs looking for bold ideas for their digital business.”

So, who are these “cool” vendors?


Factom is putting land rights on the blockchain. Their software relies on blockchain technology and can be used for mortgage products and titles, as well as industry audit and compliance.

“We set out with a simple goal: create, design and build products to make the world more transparent and honest.”, as the company claimed on their website

Some of their services include the Factom Harmony and Acolyte.

The first is an offering that enables users to convert their document management solution into a blockchain based document platform that can elimate lost documents, reduce audit time and prevent constly disputes. On the other hand, Acolyte could build a reputation for users` smart contract oracle, whereas conveying data for their smart contract executions.


Gnosis is focusing on predicting the market. The company combines capital markets with data science.

“With the invention of powerful, peer-to-peer computing technologies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, the scientific exploration of market-based forecasting can proceed uninhibited and at a rate and scale previously unimaginable.”, as they explained in their white paper.

“Our team believes undoubtedly that prediction markets will disrupt some of the largest existing industries in the near term”, added Gnosis.


Open Bazaar is a popular open-source, peer-to-peer e-commerce platform that has received funding from venture capital firms.

“The platform has approximately 10,000 online listings from 300 vendors.”, as reported.

“Transactions between parties on the platform are built as Ricardian contracts. Escrow is done with bitcoin’s multisignature functionality.”, the online media added.


SmartContract relies on an API to drive its platform. The idea is that users can create smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum, Town Crier and Bitcoin.


Synereo speaks about the Attention Economy. It means that people`s attention spans can be monetized. In other words, content delivered across various mediums can be used to earn money.

“We are honored and delighted to be named ‘Cool Vendor’ byGartner. Most of the top institutions have seen us receiving the honor.”, said  Synereo co-founder and CEO, Dor Konforty.