FUNCoin: The Fun Side of Cryptocurrency

FUNCoin: The Fun Side of Cryptocurrency

FUNCoin (FUNC) is the first entertainment token. It has been in the cryptocurrency world almost a year, issuing a 100,000,000 token supply in August 2

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FUNCoin (FUNC) is the first entertainment token. It has been in the cryptocurrency world almost a year, issuing a 100,000,000 token supply in August 2016. In October 2016 associated FUNCoin games inaugurated a way to use the tokens to play games.

FUNCoin is a decentralized, Blockchain-based token joining the cryptomarket along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and the like. The token is being rapidly developed as it is added to various cryptocurrency exchanges like OpenLedger, Livecoin, and Predprocessing. The currency is growing as it was added to CoinMarketCap and now trades on the Chinese Stock Exchange.

Market capitalization at the end of July 2017 of FUNC sold to public was $1,595,049./BTC 574.

How FUNCoin Works

What makes the cryptocurrency unique are monthly dividends on commission for all the ecosystem transactions. The more you use it, the more your earn. Currency holders can accumulate funds to:

● play in entertainment projects

● Trade via the exchange

● Use the FUNCoin wallet

The entertainment projects give users a playing platform while engaging them in fun games. Players use the FUNCoin wallet to increase revenue.

The wallet produces automatic monthly dividends from 60% of all fees produced by invited users, trades on exchanges like OpenLedger, BitShares, Rudex, etc. and 100% of fees from trading FUNCoin on BitShares. All revenues are calculated and stored in the FUNCoin wallet.

System fees associated with trading FUNCoin are:

● 0.21851 BTS – fee is applicable for sending FUNCs on BitShares DEX

● 0.01213 BTS – commission fee, while creating a sell/buy order with FUNCs on Bitshares DEX

● 2% of total amount – fee for FUNC trading transaction performed

Simple Acquisition

Individuals who want to buy FUNC can purchase with 68 different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem Dollar, BitShares, etc. as well as US dollars using an OpenLedger or LiveCoin account. More exchange options are planned for the future.

Affiliate Program

As well as cryptocurrency trading, FUNCoin offers an affiliate program that earns 60% commission paid from every FUNCoin operation performed via OpenLedger by all invited users.

Opening an affiliate account takes three simple steps:

1 Register an account via OpenLedger.

2 Activate lifetime membership account subscription.

3 Use link from LTM settings to invite new FUNCoin holders.

Also, investors can get a free OpenLedger account by connecting FUNCs to their entertainment project by sending a request to [email protected]

Future Growth Plans

FUNCoin plans continued expansion with two immediate projects scheduled for Fall 2017.

First, in September 2017, is the release of the universal Unity 3D asset for entertainment applications – FUNC Merchant. The asset, created for developers, easily integrates into any Unity-based entertainment app and allows play for FUNCoins by deposit and withdrawal of FUNCs to the player’s crypto wallet. The release works for apps in the App Store and Google Play store.

The second new project, planned for November 2017, is the alpha release of the first 360 entertainment app based on FUNCoins: an entertainment world VR which will introduce a totally new approach to entertainment games. With the help of supported Virtual Reality gear (Google Cardboard, Dive, Lick, Homido, Archos, etc.) players will be immersed into a stunning virtual world. The game will incorporate beautiful 3D graphics, an intuitive hands-free interface, a FUNC account and dozens of provably fair games. All will be released in WCVR app to enjoy on iOS and Android devices.