FuckToken Claims It’s Time To Give A Fuck

FuckToken Claims It’s Time To Give A Fuck

Cryptocurrency is an asset available, digitally which is designed to work as medium of exchange, which uses cryptography to ensure secured transaction

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Cryptocurrency is an asset available, digitally which is designed to work as medium of exchange, which uses cryptography to ensure secured transactions of the currency in the markets. So, instead of relaying on financial institution to guarantee and verify transactions, the transactions through cryptocurrency transcations are confirmed by users of the computers on the currency network. Then the computers where the transactions were verified are given a small amount currency. Mining is the name of the process of received the fund in the computers in exchange of verifying the transaction. So, basically cryptocurrency is the mined currency.

Cryptocurrencies usually are used digitally as equivalent of cash. Unlike those credit and debit cards, which are issued by financial institutions, you do not need any bank account to use cryptocurrency. When used as payment, there will be a small fee typically for every transaction, which usually is very low than those credit card processing fees and interests.

In this day and age, millennial or whatnot, people are tired of listening to what other people’s opinions of them thus the epidemic line, “I have no fucks to give”.

Now, FuckTocken has launched an ERC-20 token called FUCK so the world now has every reason to know the quantity value of a FUCK. This is one way of breaking down the barriers and revolutionizing currency and holding FUCK token at the forefront in the competition.

The FuckToken not only has a massive vision but also an experienced and enthusiastic team who are working hand in hand to realize the vision.

Their vision is to create a community where FUCK tokens can be distributed through tips. So whenever you have a friend who is sulking about his love life, you can give this friend a FUCK to make him/her happy. If you are so amused with what you read online, you can show your appreciation by giving a FUCK. They just want to make this world a better place to live in.

With their current plans on developing a tip bot, it can be useful in the long run. They are planning on integrating it into Slack, Twitter and Twitch and through this, the widespread adoption of FUCK token is expected. By giving FUCK as tips, you are distributing or contributing FUCK token to the community but also an indirect way of educating newcomers and making them exposed to the Etherum network. If this is the case, FUCKs will be distributed all over the world every minute.

The initial exchange offering will require a 3 BTC, which is approximately $8,100, or 29 ETH) fee for it be listed. The presale goal is 400 ETH.

Cryptocurrencies are generally safe to use than using the usual cash online. However it is still not guaranteed safe from fraud or theft yet very safe from malicious hackers to steal. So, you are assured that your coins are safe. You just need to have your digital wallet encrypted with a very strong password, take regular backups, always keep the backup and a written copy of your password in a place where it can only be accessed by you or any authorized person. Never ever give out your password to anyone not even your wallet to someone you do not trust otherwise, if the wallet is damaged, stolen or lost, you cannot recover the funds. If you have bulk funds which you will not use any time in the future, it is ideal to keep them offline.