Fluttercoin: A New Idea in Coin Alternatives

Fluttercoin: A New Idea in Coin Alternatives

FlutterCoin (FLT) may be a coin having the tried as well as a real algorithm of a script. However, it is truly anything but ordinary. This coin has hi

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FlutterCoin (FLT) may be a coin having the tried as well as a real algorithm of a script. However, it is truly anything but ordinary. This coin has high ambitions, which is aiming to produce an environment having a lot of transactions, by offering users a reason to spend it. Apart from making use of a hybrid of proof of stake (POS) and proof of work (POW), there is another way of mining known as Proof-of-Transaction (POT) as well. Proof of Transaction rewards users for making use of coins to buy something. Whenever a coin is sent, there is a chance of getting a Proof-of-Transaction block. Fluttercoins site says that this is also part of the “Butterfly Effect” that basically rewards individual that move the coin around since it fuels an economy now.

What Makes FlutterCoin (FLT) a Unique Digital Currency?

For instance, if somebody sent 100 FLT to purchase something, they can be rewarded extra FLT by Proof of Transaction, allowing them to buy even more things, and further, raise the butterfly effect. Also, this increases network security as it only increases another layer that intruder will have to break through to attempt a 51 percent attack.

An attacker must own 51 percent (or more) of the following:

– Overall amount of coins
– Entire network hash rate
– Host 51% or more of complete transactions.
– As obtaining only one of these three requirements is very hard, particularly when ASICs come into play, now attackers will have to think twice before attempting to 51% this coin. POS and POT offer two extra levels of protection.

How is the supply Fluttercoin Regulated?

Without any maximum number of coins, big thanks to an ever-increasing FLT supply, Proof of transaction has to allow for a teeming economy in which money is often circulating. This solves the problem that some fiat currency competitors struggle with.

There is, however, an eternal decreasing random block reward. Therefore, inflation should not be an issue, as the rate at which FLT supply increase will slow as the coin is more established.

Right now, FlutterCoin (FLT) is slowly getting steam as number 25 about the market cap. With block rewards remaining high, as well as prices still cheap, now is a very good time to jump in as an investor and also mining standpoint.

With strong theory, and incentives to spend cash, this is a self-supporting coin which can undoubtedly play with the big names in cryptocurrency.

Now, Fluttercoin proves that block rewards and algorithm is not everything which goes into a coin. Producing new proofs, such as the POT mentioned above or Proof of transaction, and an emphasis on a self-backing economy that rewards using it can give the basis for a new method of looking at digital currencies.

Fluttercoin should be seen as a coin which will be utilized for high-traffic places, such as people who go on a spending spree or a busy marketplace. With so a lot of transactions going on in cases like the ones mentioned above, POT will take place more frequently, which will further increase spending, therefore strengthening the economy.