Ex-Financial Ombudsman To Guide UK`s FinTech Sector

Ex-Financial Ombudsman To Guide UK`s FinTech Sector

Innovate Finance is to be appointed a new chairperson who is going to guide the UK`s fintech sector through Brexit.Natalie Ceeney, the former boss

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Innovate Finance is to be appointed a new chairperson who is going to guide the UK`s fintech sector through Brexit.

Natalie Ceeney, the former boss of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), will now be in charge of Innovate Finance, an independent, non-profit financial technology organization.

Ceeney is reportedly replacing Alastair Lukies, a Fintech entrepreneur. The new person to lead Innovate Finance has been known for her work at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) where she is most known for holding banks to account over the payment protection insurance (PPI) misspelling scandal.

“The UK has already become the best place in the world for fintech companies to base themselves, with Innovate Finance playing a pivotal role in this success. I am looking forward to working with the Innovate Finance team and Board, our member companies, and stakeholders to continue to strengthen the UK as the global fintech leader.”, said Ceeney.

She was welcomed by the CEO of Innovate Finance and an industry player Lawrence Wintermeyer who commented on her new role:

“We look forward to her leadership on the next leg of our journey to becoming a world class membership association. I would like to thank our outgoing Chairman Alastair Lukies for his vision and dedication to Innovate Finance over the past two years – it has been a pleasure working with him.”

While post-Brexit fears have been circulating in the UK`s financial technology area, PwC and fintech start-up accelerator Startupbootcamp proved the opposite with their report (available at: pwc.co.uk).

“In short, while Brexit has given FinTech companies and the broader investment community pause for thought, progress has continued since the referendum. There will be uncertainty in Europe whilst negotiations develop in the years to come, but we will see continued support from the regulator to encourage innovation and even if we see loss of investment and talent from the European region, this can be compensated by other territories, such as Asia, coming to the UK.”, as the report stated.

“London will still remain a global capital of FinTech, but we my might see its growth compared to other regions slow down.”, added the research paper.