Everything You Need To Know About MazaCoin

Everything You Need To Know About MazaCoin

These days it’s quite an uphill task to keep track on promising coins that get into the market so that you can mine more coins with less difficulties.

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These days it’s quite an uphill task to keep track on promising coins that get into the market so that you can mine more coins with less difficulties. Even if you follow all the guidelines, there is no surety that the new coin that you have mined in plenty will capture the attention of the users. You are also not certain that the exchange rates will skyrocket so that you can make good returns.

Before doing an investment in this field, it’s important to look for the changes that are ongoing in the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization. You must settle on the coin that has been trending for a longer period of time that recently began to increase in market capitalization.

Here is everything you need to know about MazaCoin.

MazaCoin Features

MazaCoin recently secured the 17th position in terms of market capitalization. A MazaCoin is basically a new fork of ZetaCoin project that’s branded from bitcoin. MazaCoin is currently the national currency of the ancient Lakota nation (Lakota nation is an ancient American tribe).

Since it’s a cryptocurrency, MazaCoin is qualified to preserve and hold the wealth of a nation that is sovereign. MazaCoin creates an economic foundation where the Lakota nation hope to build a lasting prosperity and wealth amongst its people

MazaCoin hopes to take its place as a solid coin that is backed by unique legacies of ancient cultures of the Lakota nation. MazaCoin is just another historical first as far the renaissance of crypto-currency revolution is concerned.

The BTC Oyate initiative will be the major link between the MazaCoin development team and the Lakota Nation. The role of the BTC Oyate initiative will be to administer the national crypto-currency reserves. The ultimate goal of this project is to introduce the crypto-currency into the reserve economy whose main purpose is to stimulate economic growth. The MazaCoin project hopes to be a crypto- exchange haven on mining farms as well as on tribal lands.

During the 1st phase of MazaCoin pre-mines, the traditional Lakota nation intends to pre-mine around 25 million MazaCoin; this will basically be the starting point in their quest to have a national cryptocurrency reserve.

The 2nd phase will see the MazaCoin development team pre-mine another 25 million MazaCoin that will be kept inside the MazaCoin Tribal Trust. The MazaCoin Tribal Trust is the only trust that will be given authority to give grants to any of its tribal member, charity or business organization that resides in this traditional nation of Lakota. The maximum grant that individuals can receive is 1000 MZC while that of businesses and nonprofit organizations is 10,000 and 50,000 MZC respectively.