Ethereum Classic: designed to run smart contracts

Ethereum Classic: designed to run smart contracts

This is a decentralized online platform that runs smart contracts. If you are not aware, smart contracts are applications that function exactly as the

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This is a decentralized online platform that runs smart contracts. If you are not aware, smart contracts are applications that function exactly as they are programmed without introducing any possibility of having a censorship, downtime, fraud or interference by third-party applications. Ethereum Classic can be seen as the continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum Classic is meant to keep any records to it clean, safe and non-tampered, and it does this by making sure that information tampering doesn’t get to be part of the blockchain system. Any persons interacting on Ethereum Classic are subject to its strict manifesto that is based on openness and neutrality.

Finality of Transactions under Ethereum Classic

The platform’s objective is to ensure that any valid transaction undertaken never gets to be erased or forgotten. The code of law that runs the Ethereum Classic system is strict and therefore eliminates any known form of malpractices that revolve around platforms that handle finances. It is possible for users of the Ethereum Classic to have contracts where the terms and conditions are kept as neutral as possible. The outcome of any contract initiated by members is determined by the code that governs the mutual interaction. Reversals, undo, and opt-outs are not possible, and exemptions only apply when contact clauses allow for such actions. Therefore, any contract transaction on Ethereum is treated as final and unstoppable.

Decentralization of Governance on ETC

Many problems revolve around systems that favor centralization approach; unaccountability, stagnation, inefficiency, and corruption. Centralization is often the cause of fragility for many systems, and it has been proven that only decentralized systems can withstand the test of time. Ethereum solves its problems by ensuring that its strict code of governance is properly adhered to, and this ensures that possibility of having central failures is minimized. The hierarchy found in Ethereum Classic is that of transparency and mutual reputation. There are no behind-closed-doors deals as the primary objective of the platform is to create a decentralized system where every transaction is an open discourse.

ETC mine

Ethereum Classic has an enormous opportunity for miners. The tokens available on the platform as profitable to mine, and fetch the best values compared to other crypto-currency markets. The platform employs a robust security model, and this ensures that any transaction here is done with high-level confidence. Any person who is an app or web developer deals with online protocols or anything along that line can find Ethereum Classic to be of immense help. The platform is ever open, and anybody who values the virtues of openness and transparency is likely to thrive here.