Essential Facts About The GlobalToken (GLT) Network

Essential Facts About The GlobalToken (GLT) Network

The world of cryptocurrency is often difficult to maneuver, especially for those who are interested in participating in it. This is also true for thos

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The world of cryptocurrency is often difficult to maneuver, especially for those who are interested in participating in it. This is also true for those digital currencies that are not among the most popular ones, like bitcoin and ethereum. However, for those who take the time and the effort to really dig deep in this field, there are numerous hidden gems that can be found. One of the most prominent members in this category is the GlobalToken network. Its coin is known under the term GLT and it represents one of the most promising cryptocurrency markets at the present moment. Here are the most important facts about GLT and the reasons why so many who are only entering this field chose to support it in some form.

The Purpose of GlobalToken

According to the official website of the cryptocurrency that can be found at, the main purpose of this network is to ensure the FWOP, or the process of fast worldwide online payments. Its blockchain, which is the peer-to-peer network that provides the distributed ledger and allows the cryptocurrency to function is more than 10 times faster than the same blockchain used by Bitcoin. This makes it a great candidate for one of those successful chains that continue to grow. With faster transaction confirmations and faster blocktime responses, the network can provide low fees for transactions. The same fact makes it so appealing to merchants, but also web shops and local stores who want to use digital currencies. Additionally, the network provides a very high level of safety, security, and efficiency.

Supply of GLT Coins

The total amount of coins of the GLT network is 168,000,000, which is far more than the Bitcoin coins. At the same time, this also ensures the safety and security of the network. This is possible because the coins are protected from things like lost wallets, hardware failure, and many more occurrences. Also, the high supply of coins provides plenty of opportunity for those who wish to mine it. As of mid-September 2017, the price of a single GLT coin is around $0.0012 and the market cap of the network is valued at around $30,400. While the total amount of coins is bound to stay the same, both their price and market cap are certain to grow in the coming months and years.

Mining Difficulty

The GlobalToken network has plenty of mined coins, but there are also many more that are still in the network’s protocols, waiting to be claimed. In fact, the difficulty of the mining process shows that ten blocks of the network are minted every minute. The GLT network will readjust the mining difficulty gradually, but right now, the investment in GLT mining seems like a very smart business possibility.

A Strong Community

One of the most important, yet regularly overlooked facts about any digital currency is the strength of its community. At one point, when Bitcoin was still in its infancy, a group of dedicated users allowed it to survive all of the turbulence it periodically entered. The same quality of community can be seen with the GlobalToken network. This mainly comes from the fact that the network is built on the principle of fairness and openness. This provided the network with a chance to grow its community on an organic basis. This provides the GLT with a great foundation needed to continue growing in the years to come, only gaining in value.