EquiTrader: Wealth Maximization with Swarm Intelligence

EquiTrader: Wealth Maximization with Swarm Intelligence

Who is EquiTrader? EquiTrader is a startup cryptocurrency currently in the developmental stages but is already growing in its base. Currently being a

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Who is EquiTrader?

EquiTrader is a startup cryptocurrency currently in the developmental stages but is already growing in its base. Currently being available for purchase on Crypropia and Coinexchange, the altcoin has plans to move to other markets as well. What makes this coin unique is that it is also a service.

The entire model of EquiTrader is to have a platform of information exchange, that regards its users with “Tokens” for good information that is used to help the community make better trades on the Cryptocurrency markets. By adding the information of a large community of users to its asset list, EquiTrader uses an algorithm to make trade predictions and gives advice to its users as to when and how to trade their Cryptocurrencies.

How does it work?

The way that EquiTrader is designed to work, in short, is that users of the service will pay to “Follow” specific successful traders in their trades. The system is set up so that users of the EquiTrader system do not have to give their money to these “followed traders” to achieve the same results. The subscription to the service is what separates the users coin from the traders that they follow. The tokens supplied by the platform are used as rewards, with real trade value, that are given to traders for their services to the platform.

Where are they now?

So far, as to all its stated development goals, EquiTrader has met all their own deadlines as of Q2 2017. These included being listed on an exchange, listing now available on coinmarketcap.com, and the debut of their token.

Q4 is when things seem to be getting more interesting for the company, as beta testing of their full services is slated to start. EquiTrader plans to have improvements to their incentives system and beta testing of their Android/iOS application and Wallet system.

So far, as listed on their own website (http://www.equitrader.co/about), their own supply of tokens is at 8 million with actual dollar funds being at $800,000.

Their intention, as stated on an older forum (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1849442.0) is to keep 10% of their total coin reserves for use in the future as funds for research and development, rewards and incentives.


As of the writing of this article, the overall gains of the altcoin on the BTC market stand around 19% with Volume: 4.94016593 BTC / 44293.63118507 EQT. What can be said of this, since its inception and introduction to the market place in Q2, EquiTrader’s reception has been warm if not bullish. There seems to be plenty of buzz floating around the conversation about the platform and only the release of their future services will indicate whether this platform is viable.

The Future

As far as where the company will go from here, there is no clear indicator except for their own stated goals for the next few quarters, going into 2018. Here are a few of their stated goals, as per their website, which includes rough timelines for full launch:

By Q1 2018: Release of Mobile Apps

By Q2 2018: BETA tests of trading platform

By Q3 2018: Full Launch of EquiTrader Platform