Emerald Crypto Token – Join The Emerald Fever

Emerald Crypto Token – Join The Emerald Fever

Emerald Crypto (EMD) is a great open-source cryptocurrency that includes both private and transparent transactions types. Although Emerald Crypto tran

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Emerald Crypto (EMD) is a great open-source cryptocurrency that includes both private and transparent transactions types. Although Emerald Crypto transactions are published on the public blockchain, the amount of transaction, sender, and recipient remain private. The altcoin was introduced into the market on 2013, and since then, it has grown healthy and find dozens application in various parts of the world. It has received a number of rewards for its innovative functionalities.
The open-source cryptocurrency is easy to use and features short block time for CPU mining, which makes solo mining possible. It also features stable base, which has kept the community highly motivated. The development teams are always keen to check the performance of the coin and track the coin to check and include the emerging needs of the users.


Emerald Crypto (EMD), https://www.emeraldcrypto.de/ includes a number of features/ specifications that include:
– Scrypt Algo
– 20 seconds block target
– Achieve total coins of 31,499,000.
– Offers difficulty retarget every hour
– Includes emerald per block.
– It halves every 2 block years resulting in 3.110,400 blocks
– Features three fast confirmation transactions that work within an average of one minute.
– The first 400 blocks, except the first blocks, start from 0 emeralds. The first block is used for bounty etc. 1, 2, 3 and 4 emeralds each has 300 blocks. For block five, there is three hundred per block, which ensures fair start.

The Future of the Emerald Coin

Emerald coin was first launched on June 16, 2013, but the original developed abandoned the project shortly after the launch. However, the cryptocurrency community stepped in to keep the currency alive. The stepping became a launching for the next step of the performance of the crypto currency.
Due to the fact that the community wanted to continue the coin and take it to even a higher level, they thought of rebranding the crypto currency. However, they find it important to keep the Emerald and the sticker symbol EMD. So the name Emerald Crypto name is kept to keep the old name alive. However, the currency is now being developed into something more than just alt-coin.
The crypto currency community is now looking forward to coming up with an Emerald Crypto currency into a currency that can accommodate all the real world currency usage. A currency full of features to allow all kind of application that makes it easy to adapt into both small and large real market.
Emerald is popular for its fastest operation as compared to any other crypto currency. The future Emerald is expected to hard on the speed, although there will be some changes on the newly design crypto currency, coins per block, block times and total coins are not likely to change.


Emerald Crypto (EMD) is a great and relatively new crypto currency on the market. It features great support. You can open a 24/7 EMD to support the coin as you can access active EMD node any time. You can check the life data for investors and miners at www.emeraldcrypto.de. You can sigh in for the old coin and be sure to get stable and reliable coin now and in the even in future.