Doctolib Raises Another $42M For Its Online Medical Booking Service

Doctolib Raises Another $42M For Its Online Medical Booking Service

Doctolib strives to expand the salesforce for its online doctor-booking service. It is raising its funds for the second time in the past twelve months.

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French start-up Doctolib, an online platform for doctors and patients, just 10 months after raising a $28 million capital, has again bagged another $42 million as it strives to expand the salesforce for its online doctor-booking service. Doctolib is raising its funds for the second time in the past twelve months.

The startup which was founded in 2013, has until now raised a total of $96.4 million and has employed more than 300 people. This comes from another massive funding announced back in January 2017.

The Paris-based company is four years old and has expanded owing to higher demand for flawless bookings for hotel rooms and doctors. It also looks to simplify doctors’ communication with patients and other medical professionals. The company is to hire an additional 200 employees next year with its current total greater than 300 and half of them being in Germany. All of its major revenue comes from the 30,000 French physicians who have undertaken its online service for just 109 euros a month.

Doctolib’s imaginative and new strategy has guaranteed it the leading position in France encountering more than 7 million bookings every month. The company has developed an online platform for all medical practitioners. Doctolib has recently branched out to Germany and has been gaining positive response there as well.

Doctolib’s total subscriptions generate about 40 million euros. Currently, there are more than 30,000 medical professionals using the platform with around 12 million monthly visitors in both France and Germany.

To continue its momentum, Doctolib has decided to offer its service to doctors and other medical professionals directly. To use Doctolib each doctor has to pay only €109 per month in France and only €129 per month in Germany to replace their traditional system with Doctolib. For patients, the service is free of cost.

As a patient, Doctolib lets you search and book doctor appointments for all sorts of fields. There is no need to call, and added benefits like getting a text reminder the day before the appointment. As a doctor, Doctolib handles all your appointments and patient bookings so you can spend more time on patients and waste less time doing administrative tasks greatly improving your revenue. Yet there’s still a lot of room for improvement as only a small number of doctors currently use a solution like Doctolib.

Doctolib completely takes the place of your existing booking solution and costs only €109 per month. It’s a software as a service solution, meaning that you don’t have to install any application or buy updates or do anything else. You just have to connect to the service and manage your appointments.

While Doctolib is the leading software in France, the company still needs to set it foot so that it can also produce the same success in other European countries. The company plans to slowly expand in Germany.

Learning from their success Doctolib doesn’t plan to stop at just bookings. The company has been working on new technologies to create an array of services for healthcare professionals. Not only to manage appointments, the company is also working towards improving communication between doctors and patients. There are 17,000 doctors using Doctolib right now and the number is only to increase.