Digix Cryptocurrency Platform

Digix Cryptocurrency Platform

Digix basic infoDigix is Ethereum based cryptocurrency platform that allows for tokenization of assets. The platform gains its strength by having

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Digix basic info

Digix is Ethereum based cryptocurrency platform that allows for tokenization of assets. The platform gains its strength by having leverage on blockchain’s transparency, immutability and audit ability by applying all these features to any precious real-world asset. Digix is linked to many great technologies that aim at providing solutions to the many situations that involve cryptocurrency trading. Some of its most recognizable technologies include the Digix God Tokens, the Proof of Asset Protocol (POA), gold based tokens for Ethereum and DGD. The platform’s POA technology enables for the presence and ownership of any asset to be confirmed on a blockchain, and this aspect does ensure that there is full transparency whenever any transaction is done on Digix.

Routine third party auditing 

To ensure its member full transparency on any transaction that gets to flow through this platform, Digix through its auditing firm, Inspectorate Bureau, does provide quarterly audits of every asset and transaction that is traded. This aspect ensures that there is some long-term stability that protects the members from any volatile situation that may arise from relying on the use of cryptocurrency economy. The platform gives clients’ asset ownership high-level priority, and this is made possible by the robust security that prominently features in Digix systems.

The benefits that accompany Digix membership subscription 

Digix enables physical gold to be digitized in a secure and trustworthy deal. Besides, no transactions are charged for asset ownership once a member has been certified and registered with the platform. The routine auditing done on the platform’s transactions ensures that real-time transparency gets to be a dominating factor. Since coming together as a company in 2014, Digix has seen its membership grow to unimagined scale. That is possible since the platform has assembled an elite team of legal, business and technology experts who have detailed knowledge of cryptocurrency markets. The platform can be used many investment opportunities such as the request for loans, salaries, shares and so on.