Digital Kittens Are Hindering Etherum’s Blockchain

Digital Kittens Are Hindering Etherum’s Blockchain

CryptoKitties app seems to be making the new users aggressive, by making Ethereum accessible and easy to use for them who even doesn’t belong to tech domain.

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Is there a possibility for a crypto app to be fun while using?

In the Ethereum’s case, it might be possible that one project is getting more and more popular and putting pressure on the technology of the network. The most appropriate approach as a decentralized Tamagotchi, CryptoKitties seems to be making the new users aggressive, by making Ethereum accessible and easy to use for them who don’t even belong to the tech domain.

The app that uses the blockchain of Ethereum to generate a public, as well as a shared record of cryptographically exclusive fluffballs, has users who’ve already spent minimum $3 million while buying, breeding, and selling the in-game elements.

The only drawback is that this application is congesting the Ethereum network, and making the transactions a long-time process.

“Due to the clogging in the network, we are raising the birthing cost from 0.001 ETH to 0.002 ETH. It will make sure that your kittens born on time!” the team associated with CryptoKitties tweeted to indicate how terrible the situation is.

In very small lifespan, CryptoKitties has increased to make up 20% of all of the Ethereum’s computations, and it is growing more and more.

Chaotic Base

The situation is really saddening, especially when Ethereum has been already symbolized as a “world computer” for hosting uninterruptible decentralized applications, acquiring all of the internet.

When ambitions are so high, it might seem odd that an app trading otherworldly kittens could create congestion in the network; but limitations are kept on the number of computations, which can be done all at once because all of the network nodes are required to process a transaction in the blockchain.

It not only means that a kittens’ trading platform may slow down the network, but also may cause an increment at the expense of using Ethereum.

It’s not sure if its right to blame the CryptoKitties app or not, but it is surprising that kittens are capable of bringing a more profound awareness regarding the chaotic base of open and public blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies.

As a tweet from Boris Kozak (coder) shows that the issue is well-rooted, and there are several asserted fixes, involving Casper, Raiden, State Channels, and Sharding – the intention of Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum creator) and other developers to transfer Ethereum to proof-of-stake, yet all such solutions need significant engineering implementations.

Ari Paul, BlockTower chief information officer, tweeted, “It may also accelerate the Ethereum scaling crisis.”

Others also introduced parallels to bitcoin’s violent scaling debates that this year witnessed many groups’ split from the central bitcoin blockchain to develop new versions of the old protocol; in the case of bitcoin cash, the block size limit increased to offer with more transactions.

Bitcoin Core contributor, Johnson Lau tweeted, “we require Ethereum Cash, or several kittens would be killed.”

Blessing or Curse!

In simple words, Ethereum has its functions defined separately for it.

And in general, if you consider or not that CryptoKitties is a good movement for the Ethereum’s community; it will be affected by the fact that you support the protocol or not.

Ethereum activists have a reason to get excited about an app that is eventually showing the capabilities of the platform, as already outlined in a Reddit thread that admires the game as an accomplished proof-of-concept.

“I’m happy that smart contracts are producing a pool of use-cases quite beyond speculation,” stated Phil Daian, Cryptocurrencies & Contracts (IC3) researcher, indicating the course of speculation introduced by numerous(ICOs) initial coin offerings, which have begun on the blockchain.

Buterin also bonged while tweeting, “I actually support the virtual cat games. They illustrate in a superb manner regarding the value of a blockchain grows far beyond the applications, which would literally get closed down by governments or banks if they did not utilize one.”

And, as long as Ethereum scaling leads, many are confident that it is bringing a new kind of awareness to the issue that one of the Ethereum users called it a “blessing in disguise.”

Founder of Ethereum app Gnosis, Martin Koppelmann represented that emotion, telling, “if it is that accomplished and even if it introduces increment in fees, even better it will bring out weaknesses of the recent technology, but eventually make it better. I’m all ready to experiment.”