Dibcoin Cryptocurrency – A Smart Investment

Dibcoin Cryptocurrency – A Smart Investment

The world we live in is constantly getting advanced in a speed which is way difficult for an ordinary person to keep up with. There is a giant invisib

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The world we live in is constantly getting advanced in a speed which is way difficult for an ordinary person to keep up with. There is a giant invisible web controlling almost everything we think we have control over. While we still cling onto the paper bills, the future is getting ready for a revolution of cryptocurrency, one of those advancements an ordinary person has no idea about. The encrypted currencies just changed the way the transactions have been made and set a great relief from the unreliable money market prone to devaluation. It doesn’t require an Einstein’s brain to understand blockchains. The mechanism is easy to understand and all we have to do is pay attention.

The potential cryptocurrency

While we talk about cryptocurrencies, we couldn’t just ignore the DIBCOIN (DIBC), one of the first ever cryptocurrencies which is used to buy the existing money-making establishments. To be precise, the Sunshine Capital use DIBCOINs as their money means of making business transactions. They used this encrypted currency to own profitable firms. Another important fact about the DIBCOIN is that it cannot be mined as the entire DIBCOINs came into existence belonging to the DIB Fund Inc. that’s the owner of the entire 5 billion coins. Practically, they are all pre-mined.

Those who research about the cryptocurrencies must gather knowledge about the Omni layer. In simple words, it is a platform for creating and managing digital assets that are entirely built on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Omni layer is the most advanced platform that makes all the Bitcoin transactions and beyond. The DIBCOIN is built on this platform and according to the facts; the DIBCOIN is the 89th on the Omni platform. It is considered as the advanced version of Bitcoin. Say, Bitcoin 2.0.

The fortune of Sunshine Capital

When the DIBCOINs are started trading over the Livecoin, according to the statement by Honson Luma, Vice President of Sunshine Capital, Inc., every DIBCOIN traded, brought in a fortune of 40 million dollar liquid assets and hence a Sunshine Capital’s profit is incredible. They claimed that they have achieved what will take other companies a few years, in a few months. Though it cannot be mined as it is entirely owned by the Sunshine Capital Inc.,one could buy it through the Livecoin’s services. The following site will provide access to Livecoin’s services as well as help you understand the basic blockchain concept:https://dibcoin.us/

Your first DIBCOIN trade with Livecoin

Since the value of DIBCOIN’s been realized widely, the interest in trading these coins increased and the process is made easy by the Livecoin’s services. The steps are elementary and the DIBCOIN trading can be started in a few clicks time. You just have to register an account in Livecoin using your email address then fill in some fund using any one of the well-known payment methods and start trading DIBCOINS. It is as simple as that. The DIBCOIN investment will be a wise choice for anyone who’s just entered the cryptocurrency market.

The DIB Funding Inc. has also introduced an affiliate program to strengthen its realm. They currently announced their decision of moving to the Etherum Blockchain and they reason it as an essential step for their business model currently.