Dash Price Surges to All-Time High Near $600

Dash Price Surges to All-Time High Near $600

Dash price on Wednesday set a new all-time record which is near $600, bolstered by partnership announcement and protocol upgrade.

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Dash price on Wednesday set a new all-time record which is near $600, bolstered by partnership announcement and protocol upgrade.

Dash Price Rises Near to $600

Dash has been controlling a record-setting campaign the previous week and a half, and they extended the ride this morning with a surge of twenty percent. As the result of this new spike, the dash priced as at $584 on Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, which represents seventy percent increase since November 12, when the company was trading at $384. At the moment, Bitfinex prices have raised up to $562, which only a few dollars below the entire globe average.
About half of dash’s share is highly concentrated on South Korea Bithumb exchange, where KRW/DASH trades at a USD price that is equivalent to $579. Bithumb is one of the major drivers for altcoin, but the concentration exchange demand is also connected with pump and dump schemes.


At the moment it is difficult to identify whether market manipulation is the key player, although there are a few legitimate factors that have contributed to dash’s recent rally. First and foremost, you find that the newly launched Dash Core which was deployed a few days before the rally kicked off increased the dash price block size to 2MB and it as well added a number of other improvements, including more efficient private transactions and reduced transaction fees.
Secondly, dash also established KuvaCash, which is a pilot program whose intention is to promote dash adoption in Zimbabwe. This country at the moment is weathering a coup and it is has a notorious history in regard to monetary policy. According to CNN report, Zimbabweans are disappointed with the central bank bond notes inflation, and a lot of residents prefer Bitcoin as the best hatch.
However, at the moment Bitcoin fees are extremely on minor transactions something that means that there is the likelihood of cryptocurrency that can make purchases every day. KuvaCash, which has an equivalence of $550,000 in dash funding, intends to come up with a cryptocurrency payment service that is phone number based that will give Zimbabweans the ability to switch between USD and dash.