Cryptocurrency Review: Meet Karbowanec (KRB)

Cryptocurrency Review: Meet Karbowanec (KRB)

Karbowanec refers to an open source and decentralized cryptocurrency that offers both transparent and private type of transaction. While payments made

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Karbowanec refers to an open source and decentralized cryptocurrency that offers both transparent and private type of transaction. While payments made with this currency are made in public, the recipient, the sender and the total amount of transaction usually remain private. Just like Bitcoin, the Karbowanec has for a long time been the official currency during Ukraine’s distinct periods. As people’s official form of digital currency, it has resurrected as a digital form that’s not connected to the government.

When it comes to this currency, no one owns or controls it. You are the one who controls it hence you are solely responsible for its security. You can actually send and receive it without any authorities or intermediaries. Everything concerning this currency works in a distributed and centralized computer network. You can also earn karbowanec as a reward.


· It provides an anonymity form of payments without the ability to analyze and track block chains
· Its transaction and network are shielded by a proof of work algorithm known as CryptoNight.
· Transactions are done within a few minutes.
· Transactions are done through a centralized system without the need for any intermediaries.
· You can use it to send money anywhere without any restrictions.
· As compared to other forms of payments and bank transfers, the fees are much smaller.
· The emissions and the systems work by using a particular algorithm. Without applying the control of any central bodies.
· All coins found here have the same value and can be changed because it’s hard to trace their origin.


When it comes to mining this cryptocurrency, there is solo mining and pool mining. For solo mining, you need a command line client software that you can download under CLi Wallet. You also need the address where they will be received. You can try solo mining in many different ways. Conversely, in pool mining, you can start at the wallet and you start receiving your first karbo. There are also special mining softwares known as GPU and CPU.


Payments made by this cryptocurrency are unlinkable and untraceable. Which means that it provides a complete privacy that users enjoy. All payments made are also signed on behalf of group hence it’s hard to know who among the group members made the transaction. The more participant the better. Additionally, it’s hard to trace the transaction hence it’s possible for everyone to see the payments that they have received. Once the funds have been sent, the only person who can redeem them is the receiver.

Why it’s different from other cryptocurrencies

The reason why this currency is different from others is because of its fungibility. As compared to others, all of them are uniform and changeable. For instance, in other cryptocurrencies, everyone can see how many Bitcoins remains. This can, therefore, lead to the inspection of assets of different people. In this case, the seller may not be ready to accept these cryptocurrencies because of their suspicion transactions.

The trading

Karbowanec is actually a decentralized system of payment where the value of the currency is based on demand and supply in the markets. Emission also depends on the constant algorithm where everyone is allowed to participate in emission. This, therefore, gets them a reward for the resources used to provide support work. For more information, check out