Cryptocurrency Review: From Nxt Till MMNXT

Cryptocurrency Review: From Nxt Till MMNXT

If you are not aware, cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency used independently from all world banks on the basis of up-to-date encryption techn

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If you are not aware, cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency used independently from all world banks on the basis of up-to-date encryption technique developed by Satoshi Nakomoto in 2009. Practically it is a sort of alternative and anonymous currency, which functions out of control of the international financial institutions.

What is MMNXT?

MMNXT is one of the most ambitious and speedy developing cryptocurrencies of the present day world. It is a new option of Nxt cryptocurrency payment market started by BCnext in 2013. Being announced as a flexible financial platform with easily attachable applications and fiscal services, in November 2014 the majority of Nxt users turned to MMNXT market. Now, somewhere 685-700 big sharks of cryptocurrencies play hard on MMNXT market. Still now, some users prefer to call it as dividend paying NXT asset.

What are the pluses of MMNXT cryptocurrency market?

  • Stability. The global crisis of 2008 showed that even the most powerful world banks can go bankrupt. It happened in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, and a number of Asian countries. The chain of Eastern European bank crashes of 2016 support this idea too.
  • Independence. None of central governments could block or expropriate your money. Sometimes it happens in various parts of our shaky financial world.
  • Swindler protection. The transactions are digital and could not be forged. If you send your digital sum, you can not take it back.
  • Tete-a tete deals. You can close any types of deals on time and without the services of third parties, like brokerage firms, lawyers and so on. You play the financial market games just with your business partner only. You know that a lot of probable deals were toppled by the efforts of the third parties.
  • Total access. If you have an Internet, you can become a potential crypto market player. A lot of people don`t have their own credit cards, they can be taught how to use MMNXT market in the nearest future.
  • Exchange of crypto assets. It permits to conduct it, being in any part of the world, bypassing all types of frontiers and financial regulations. On the one hand, it is a big plus, on the other hand, maybe, it has some hidden cons too.
  • The rise of MMNXT asset prices. Unfortunately, the statistics is just a bit unclear, but some Internet based reviews affirm that since 2014 till 2017 the value of that type of assets increased from 5 till 7 times.


This new market of digital money transfers is quite young, nevertheless, like every new financial market, it is very ambitious and promising. Taking into account that a number of anonymous big business players plunged in the unknown waters of cryptocurrency market, it means that it has an up-and-coming future.