Cryptocurrency Review: FINCOIN Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Review: FINCOIN Cryptocurrency

FINCOIN is one the newest and said to be, the most sophisticated of all crypto coins currently in circulation. Launched in June 2017 in Germany, this

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FINCOIN is one the newest and said to be, the most sophisticated of all crypto coins currently in circulation. Launched in June 2017 in Germany, this coin is considered to be more progressive than its counterpart, Bitcoin, as a fund has been created behind the coin that allows for investment and earning of passive income.

The FINCOIN block chain allows for transparency of all transactions. Marketed as the cryptocurrency for everyday online transactions, the FINCOIN developers have taken the learnings from previous Cryptocoin development and the resultant FINCOIN has been created to ensure it is protected from all forms of fraud, hacking and theft. The FINCOIN system is decentralized, so each user of the system can see the statistics regarding the mutual settlement of transactions. In addition, there is complete autonomy from any banks or financial institution and no national or international control. The original code for the FINCOIN can be viewed on Fincoinltd/FNC.

Like all crypto currencies, FINCOIN is a digital asset and through ownership, any FINCOIN the holder has shares in the FT(FinTech) Bank. Any dividends earned on FINCOIN can be paid out via FINCOIN, waves or Bitcoins. More than two billion FINCOINS have been created (2 090 000 000), although currently only 1,800 000 000 (one billion, eight hundred million) coins have been released to the market (phase one).

The trade sign for FINCOINS is FNC and currently, the market cap is $1.8 million. FINCOIN charges no fees for transactions between wallets. The blocking time is estimated to be an average of 5 seconds for a transaction. FINCOINS have mining Proof of Stake (PoS) of 5% of wallet balance. However, money can be made on FINCOINS by investing in the development of FINCOINS or through a multilevel partnership program.

FINCOIN has also released a virtual debit card, the FinCoin AliCard that can be used for making purchases on Ali express and Alibaba, at the current exchange rate via their app. A plastic debit card has also been released that can be funded through an app, instantly, and by using the current VISA and MasterCard infrastructure, can be used for real world purchases and stores, making it possible for payment with a cryptocurrency,

The main aim behind the creation of the FINCON is to create a cryptocurrency that can be used for everyday transactions while showing a steady growth in demand and have very low volatility, ensuring it is a stable and secure crypto currency. Through careful management and control, the FINCOIN trading team keeps the exchange rate growth between 2% and 7% per month and will continue to do so until all the coins have been released. FINCOIN aims to have more than 500 000 active users of FINCOIN wallets by the end of this year and more than three million by 2019. 2018 will see them developing a merchants programs as well as a trading platform. In addition, FINCOIN aims to be one of the top ten cryptocurrencies by 2020. The FINCOIN wallet application is currently available on the official Google Play Store so far.