Cryptocurrency Review: EuropeCoin On Focus

Cryptocurrency Review: EuropeCoin On Focus

In all simplicity, EuropeCoin (also known as ERC) is an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency forked off Novacoin back in 2014, May. After a solid

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In all simplicity, EuropeCoin (also known as ERC) is an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency forked off Novacoin back in 2014, May. After a solid 2-week mining duration that produced a whooping coin number of 137 million, EuropeCoin turned into a characteristic pure proof-of-stake exclusive cryptocurrency boasting a standard variable interest ( between 2.5 % and 15 % per annum) a feature dependent on the maturity of all coins held. A Pre-mining process followed for 1 % of these coins.

2 years after its initial launch, it was later re-launched in 2016 July although under a completely new team and subsequently as a characteristic proof-of-work cryptocurrency centered on Bitcoin.


· Hashing Algorithm: X11.

· Coupled by a block target (60 seconds).

· Intricacy retargets each particular block.

· PoW Block Reward: In its initial week, it is characterized by an ERC ascension from 100 to 1000 and to 10000; a characteristic that continues to the second week at a stable 5000 ERC.

· Their overall number of these coins will amount to a staggering figure of 384’000’000 ERC (384M).

· The PoW phase will have a standard collective total figure of 137’632’000 ERC coins.

· It comes equipped with a feature for coin control.

Block Rewards

· Between block 1 and block 770, 100 ERC is the set block reward for every block to avert in stanine etc.

· Between block 771 and 1440, the block reward is defined up to a 1000 ERC provision.

· Between block 1441 and 10080 (first-week end ca.) block reward is at 10000 ERC.

· Between block 10081 and 20160 (the entire second week) the characteristic block reward is provided at a maximum 5000 ERC.

· Ultimately, at the end of the PoW stage, the total mined coins will amount to 137’632’000.

· On completion of the block 20160, a phase known as PURE PoS commences.

POS Interest

· First week percentage: 2 %, 5 %

· Second-week percentage: 10 %

· Third week percentage: 15 %

· Fourth week and characteristic percentage of the entire first year: 5 %


The EuropeCoin is supported by MacOS, Windows and Linux software platforms.

Non-technical Aspects

EuropeCoin is the most user-centric newly released cryptocurrencies characterized by a subsequently simple solo one-click mining provision. Its maintenance is done by renowned crypto-developers, marketing professionals and blockchain experts boasting a vast ranging and stretching record as Bitcointalk active members. Aside from being a semi-rare item, it has a circulation coin total of 9 million and an overwhelming 32 million coin supply over a significant time period.

The finance world, in general, has reason to smile and it is majorly because of the innovation of cryptocurrencies. Although it is still uncertain-particularly relative to what the future holds for this noteworthy invention, it is still evident that in comparison to traditional cash, these new type of currency offers far better and unimaginable possibilities.