Cryptocurrency Review: An Introduction To WavesGO

Cryptocurrency Review: An Introduction To WavesGO

WavesGo is the block explorer for Waves cryptocurrency. WavesGo is a fully functioning system, and it provides data on blocks, accounts, assets, and t

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WavesGo is the block explorer for Waves cryptocurrency. WavesGo is a fully functioning system, and it provides data on blocks, accounts, assets, and transaction. It runs Waves nodes and provides a leasing proof of work (LPoS) pool. Users can also view the statistics of the Waves network.

WavesGo Token(WGO)
WavesGo token circulates the Waves blockchain, and it makes WavesGo a community project. WGO is the internal digital currency used by WavesGo, and every time WavesGo provides any service, the payment is expected in WGO. Investors who hold WGO get the benefits of getting a share in profits generated by WavesGo. They also get a chance to vote on projects and take part in decisions for WavesGo.
Value Of WGO
– WavesGo is selling ad space in WavesGo, and it accepts only WGO for payments. It increases the demand for the digital cryptocurrency. The cost for placing ads depends on the demand and availability of the ad space.
– WavesGo will offer an API to its BI system. It will allow developers to integrate Waves directly into their projects. WGO will provide basic access for free but charge for heavy access.
– There is a demand for WGO’s white label solutions. It will allow the third party to launch their faucet or LPoS with no effort. Payments for all such services will be processed in WGO tokens.
– After WavesGo establishes itself in the blockchain space and becomes a competent player, it will offer its services to other platforms. WavesGo activities need not stay confined to the Waves platform. Profits from such activities will be distributed among the WGO holders.
– To avail any WavesGo services, the user has to pay with the WGO tokens only. He has to buy WGO at the market price. It generates demand for the WGO tokens and increases their price.
Benefits Enjoyed By WGO Holders
– Share in Adspace earnings.
– Share in earnings from services.
– Share in profits from API access.
– Share in LPoS earnings.
– Influence on decision-making.
– Tipping tool for ‘Slack’ platform
WGO Distribution and Exchange
There are approximately ten million WGO tokens. Distribution of the coins will be done via an Airdrop, and there is no plan to release an ICO. Majority of the WGO trading will occur in the Waves Decentralized Exchange(DEX). Besides DEX, it will also be traded in some other exchanges to increase its exposure and liquidity. Currently, the total market cap for WGO is a little more than $600,000. Founders have kept ten percent of the WGO tokens with themselves, and the WavesGo leasers hold another ten percent. Thirty-five percent has gone to the development of the infrastructure, and twenty-five percent is allocated for marketing and contract work.
WavesGo and WavesGo Pool
WavesGo is an independently run project developed on HTML5, Angular.js, Node.js, and MongoDB. The project is not developed by the Waves development team. WavesGo team runs a Waves Mining Pool. It collects the generated fees during the week and distributes them to everyone who leases their Waves on Friday. Whoever mines the block receives MRT(Miner Reward Token). They can keep the tokens or exchange them on DEX.
To Sum Up
WavesGo is the block explorer for the Waves cryptocurrency. WGO holders will get a share of profits generated by WavesGo. They can also take part in the decision-making and vote for the technology they want the WaveGo team to implement.