Cryptocurrency News: The Future Of Moon

Cryptocurrency News: The Future Of Moon

What separates Moon from other cryptocurrencies is the combination of its supply of 385 billion coins and its platform - the Moon ecosystem. In the ne

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What separates Moon from other cryptocurrencies is the combination of its supply of 385 billion coins and its platform – the Moon ecosystem. In the near future Smart-likes, Moonword, and will be the flagship releases to lay the foundation for the Moon platform. The target is to offer an expansive platform which will accommodate every industry on the planet most notably government, education, and social media. The Moon ecosystem is an all-encompassing platform meant for all industries.

The Moon ecosystem will champion perpetual growth by enabling others to develop on top of the platform. The platform has limitless possibilities but the one constant is that it will carry on expanding. Moon plans to reach out to all people because Moon is built for everyone with the future in mind. Moon uses the lyra2 mining algorithm which produces one of the most secure networks to date, as it allows people with old hardware to mine as effectively as someone with a powerful mining farm (51% attacks don’t exist with Moon), and therefore motivates miners to choose the Moon network meaning more miners will verify the authenticity of all transactions. Additionally, Moon uses the segregated witness protocol which further augments security and transaction speed. Moon doesn’t have an elitist attitude and actively encourages participation from all people in exchange for peace-of-mind.

Moon will be the first to offer a feature exclusive to education industries around the world.’s slogan is ‘learn to earn’ and it is as straightforward as that. A student who gets a high-test score will be rewarded according to his or her grade. Disruptive students will no longer be a concern to the teacher or other students in the classroom because they will be incentivised to pay attention- if they want the new DLC for fallout 4 they can pay for it themselves by paying attention in school. This will also give underprivileged students from developed nations, characteristically from single-parent families, the ability to help lessen the strain on their working parent with periodic payments for their achievements. Students from under-developed/ developing nations can do the same but to greater effect in consideration of their respective fiat to Moon conversation rate. will teach children about money management from a young age thus promoting sensible spending decisions as adults whilst also becoming a familiar name to the next generation.

Moon will be one of the first cryptocurrencies to be incorporated into social media via its feature smart-likes. Social media as it stands is becoming increasingly outdated, with almost two billion Facebook accounts with many becoming inactive every month, there is a great opportunity which has been overlooked and this issue can be solved. Moon offers a solution called Smart likes. Smart likes will pay a user for liking content using a unique currency called Moonlite- more will come on Moonlite in the future. User A likes X, then user B likes X, user A is paid for liking X and user A is also paid for user B liking X – user A is paid twice and user B is paid once- this process continues. If X goes viral and you were one of the original users liking X, you stand to make a noteworthy profit. Moon seeks to promote income equality and social media engagement, which will be an asset to companies who are advertising on social media as increased social media engagment will mean their campaigns will have greater impact. Furthermore increased social media engagement alongside the smart-likes feature will allow new markets to emerge creating further opportunities for existing companies to profit.

Moon´s features embody the abundance principle. Egalitarianism is a cornerstone of abundance and Moon has this at its core- demonstrated via Moon’s flagship features and Moon’s mining algorithm Lyra2- because of this, Moon will be well-received by different cultures around the world as will teaching youth about money-management whilst motivating them to do better at school- which will pave the road for the innovators of the future. Moon will reinvigorate social media platforms and act as  a catalyst for increased engagement and create new streams of revenue commercially and private. Moon will be adopted by many businesses for the vast benefits its features are offering, and Moon seeks to be the cross-industry standard in seamless and secure transactions. Moon will connect people from around the world with its ground breaking technology, ease of access and user interface. Moon has a mission to promote the abundance mentality across the planet to further humanities aspirations. Moon will empower people to earn at all times and financially enable the unprivileged. Moon is built with the future in mind and Moon seeks to begin establishing partnerships with organisations in the near future.