Cryptocurrencies’ Prices Can Now Be Predicted With Cryptoforecast

Cryptocurrencies’ Prices Can Now Be Predicted With Cryptoforecast

The application is suitable for both professional and amateur traders who want to diminish risks as much as possible.

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Cryptoforecast is an application that is capable of predicting cryptocurrencies’ price fluctuations with a high level of precision. The platform is especially designed for traders who want to have bigger security when investing in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptoforecast can be tailored to the needs of each customer adapting to the user’s preferred time frame and currency. The application works with the help of a complex algorithm programmed to predict changes with a surprising degree of accuracy. Cryptoforecast has a user-friendly interface and it is simple and easy for everyone to use it.

Cryptoforecast was founded by Michele Morelli, an Italian who is trading Bitcoins and altcoins since 2014. The application was developed with the help of seven other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They created an algorithm called PILLAR that can forecast future movements of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The algorithm was programmed based on the experience of its creators and past movements of the market. Although every experienced trader can make sound predictions of the future without using Cryptoforecast, the application offers a much more robust and reliable forecast in which the possibility of a human mistake is eliminated. The application is suitable for both professional and amateur traders who want to diminish risks as much as possible.

Cryptoforecast offers four different types of subscriptions for a month, a quarter of a year, half a year and a whole year. They are affordable and discounts are available for subscriptions for longer periods of time. Although prices are listed in American dollars, payment for the application is only possible with the Cryptoforecast token, called CFT. CFT coin is the only cryptocurrency accepted by the platform. Despite the fact that all the coins were mined beforehand, CFT coins can easily be purchased or exchanged for Bitcoins or altcoins. The total coin supply is limited to 50 million coins. CFT was distributed with an Initial Coin Offering which started on April 15, 2017.

But how can you actually use the platform? Here is some basic info that will familiarise you a bit more with Cryptoforecast’s interface. After purchasing a subscription and logging in the application, a dashboard appears. It consists of a Generate section where users can choose a time frame, currency and market they want to query. Based on the chosen parameters the application will generate a chart that represents the specific forecast. Then fluctuations can easily be examined by the user. Time has shown that Cryptoforecast is surprisingly precise in its predictions. However, the work on the platform is still not fully completed and improvements in the algorithm, hence increased accuracy, are expected.