Crave Cryptocurrency Urges You To Embrase The Darkness

Crave Cryptocurrency Urges You To Embrase The Darkness

Crave (CRAVE), is a cryptocurrency based on Blackcoin PoS 2.0. The currency has been in the market for a couple of years

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Crave (CRAVE), is a cryptocurrency based on Blackcoin PoS 2.0. The currency has been in the market for a couple of years now. The coin first hit the markets in 2015 but has undergone various developments and has fully resurfaced in 2017. Since the coin is based on Blackcoin, the main method of obtaining new coins is through a verified proof-of-stake method. The coin is fully operational and active in a number of exchanges. There is also a big community behind the development of the coin and many platforms give frequent updates about its development.

Basic Info About Crave

Crave (CRAVE) is a cryptocurrency that has adopted numerous current technologies in order to provide a secure and user-friendly coin alternative. The coin is mainly presented a great alternative for users who are looking for privacy while going about their online transaction. The coin’s Blackcoin background has enabled it to borrow some useful features like fast transactions and anonymity. Due to the many core advancements in the coin’s wallet address and transaction broadcasting technology, the coin is virtually untraceable. In addition, the coin boasts of a simple and friendly user interface. It is these features that make this cryptocurrency alternative a viable option in the market.

Crave Trading and Market Information

Crave (CRAVE) is traded in a number of exchanges including Yobit. The value of the currency is currently not as high as some of the mainstream cryptocurrencies. Its stability is, however, relatively good as it has enjoyed a good market capitalization. In recent months, the currency has seen increased trade volumes and this traction is expected to pick up as 2017 closes. Detailed information about the currency is available on the various exchanges and markets where it is traded. There is a good supply of Crave coins in the market today and new currency is continually being generated. There are also several wallets that currently support the coin.

Resources and Additional Information

The Crave cryptocurrency has a number of resources around it. First, there are several mining pools that allow the community to stake their coins and earn rewards. Initially, the cryptocurrency had both proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) methods of mining. The PoW phase, however, officially came to a close after the required fixed amount of units in the blockchain were mined. Miners can now earn new rewards by staking. The coin has an open source model of development and much of the information about the coin development is available through various online repositories.

In Summary

The cryptocurrency mostly addresses the issues of safety and privacy. The modern technology used to increase the safety of the coin has made it safe from hackers and other parties who might want to trace transactions. The bulk of information about the coin is also made available to the community of developers and users. The various aspects of the coin and its blockchain have been spearheaded by the active community. This open development model has enabled various members of the community to get involved with the process of development. As of now, the coin still enjoys sufficient support online.