Chattermill Raises 600,000 Pounds For Customer Feedback

Chattermill Raises 600,000 Pounds For Customer Feedback

Chattermill is a startup company, based in London that seeks to assist companies to appreciate the importance of the feedback they get from their customers.

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Chattermill is a startup company that is based in London that seeks to assist companies to appreciate the importance of the feedback they get from their customers. The company has managed to raise 600,000 pounds as their seed capital. It has obtained support from various companies that include Entrepreneur First, Avonmore, and Jeff Kelisky, who is an angel investor who has expressed his confidence in this new startup.

Chattermill was started in 2015 by two friends, namely; Mikhail Dubov and Dmitry Isupov. It is one of the several startups that are helping companies to deal with problems of customer feedback across different channels. There is increased data growth and this has prompted the company to employ deep learning techniques to perform the job accurately and efficiently.

According to Dubov, the company’s CEO, they help companies enhance their customer experience by giving them insights that help them to develop better services and products. He further argues that companies with excellent customer experience are likely to have a high number of loyal customers and can attract new clients easily. Customer feedback data can help your company to gauge your customer experience level. There are several tools that are used to remove insights from a customer feedback data.

He says that businesses need to use deep learning tactics to analyze their customer feedback data suited for each individual company. Chattermill provides a dashboard for analysis plus automated alerts that assist you to take necessary action in the areas that require your insight.

Specifically, Chattermill combines all the customer feedbacks first and then develops a deep learning technique that will extract an actionable insight. It has tools that can be used to gauge the general feeling of clients concerning a particular issue and the attitude of customer representatives.

Chattermill employs various standard tools to monitor and solicit customer sentiments and feedback. These tools include TypeForm, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, and Zendesk. They also get feedback from reviews, Net Promoter Score Surveys, social media and support tickets.

The company is now working with clients across all sectors including e-commerce, Fintech, gaming, and travel. They also work hand in hand with businesses that have more clients that are drawn from several industries. These businesses include HelloFresh, Just Eat and Transferwise. With such companies, Chattermill works with customer service, customer experience, and product teams. There is no doubt that Chattermill will help companies to improve their customer experience and this will increase their customers leading to more sales.