Capricoin – The Cryptocurrency For The Masses

Capricoin – The Cryptocurrency For The Masses

Capricoin is a cryptocurrency specially designed to serve the needs of a wide range of customers. Capricoin offers fast, secure and simple to execute

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Capricoin is a cryptocurrency specially designed to serve the needs of a wide range of customers. Capricoin offers fast, secure and simple to execute worldwide payments. The coin is perfectly suitable for both induvial and business clients who need an alternative to the slow and costly bank payments. With Capricoin transaction fees are negligible and there is no third party to control the transfer. The peer to peer network of the cryptocurrency is fully decentralised and all the transaction information is equally divided between individuals. Capricoin offers a high level of privacy and is user friendly so that anyone can benefit from the advantages of the cryptocurrency.

Capricoin was created through a cooperation between European and American technology companies. The target group of the developers are ordinary people who are not experienced in mining and trading of cryptocurrency. The team aims to introduce Capricoin to the masses and distribute the coin among as many people as possible. Capricoin is designed to become a global instant payment network which is easy to use and brings benefits to people. Capricoin has fast transaction confirmation times which makes the cryptocurrency a good option for businesses that need to transfer big amounts of money in a short period of time. What is more, small transaction fees can save companies’ money and consequently, increase their profit.

Individuals can also become part of the Capricoin network by simply downloading the wallet and purchasing the coin from one of the numerous exchange markets. Users can transfer money to virtually anyone – friends, family, merchants etc. Transactions fees and time stay the same since the blockchain makes no difference between national and international payments. There are wallets available which cater to everyone’s needs. The CapriPay wallet is a user-friendly platform for storing coins. The Capricoin desktop wallet and the Capricoin light desktop wallet can be used on a PC. The Android wallet is suitable for mobile devices while the Capricoin web wallet works online on all browsers.

The total coin supply is 205,000,000 which will be gradually distributed in the next years.  The coins can either be mined or purchased and traded. Capricoin uses the improved X11 algorithm and a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake protocol. The hybrid protocol eases the acquisition of the coin since it gives people more options for mining. For those who want to buy Capricoins, the coin is available on exchange markets such as Bittrex and Bleutrade. Capricoin’s distribution is made as wide as possible so that the cryptocurrency reaches ordinary people and eases their everyday lives.