BTSR Coin- The Advertising-Based Investment

BTSR Coin- The Advertising-Based Investment

BTSR is a cryptocurrency created to power the BitTeaser and HubDSP advertising networks. The token serves both as a reward coin and as a form of payme

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BTSR is a cryptocurrency created to power the BitTeaser and HubDSP advertising networks. The token serves both as a reward coin and as a form of payment within the networks. BTSR enables advertisers and customers to manage a business and generate profit using entirely cryptocurrency. The coin is the first alternative to the fiat currency in the advertising business and is so far performing successfully on the market. BTSR has a steadily growing price and frequent buybacks where people can trade the coin and benefit from it.

BTSR crowdsale was launched on March 11th 2016 and ended on May 2nd 2016, the same day that the first buyback started. Until now buybacks are still performed and are scheduled on the 3rd of each month. A short look at the history of the buybacks shows that the value of the coin has constantly been increasing since the start. Consequently, BTSR users can easily sell the token on bigger price or generate income from trading the coin on exchange markets. BTSR cryptocurrency is available for private investors since February 2017. Since then the value of the token is linked to the worldwide demand for advertising. As a result, people who believe in the potential of the blockchain based advertising platforms can profit directly from the platforms’ growth.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, BTSR’s network is inherently decentralised, secure and transparent. The total BTSR amount issued is 3,400,000 and 927,208 are now available for purchase. The token can be exchanged for Bitcoins and numerous other altcoins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, DASH, Ripple and many more. BTSR can also be purchased with fiat currencies, the three options being the US dollar, the Euro and the Chinese Yuan Renminbi. The cryptocurrency’s withdrawal is also made possible and is claimed to be even faster that the withdrawal of Bitcoins.

The only prerequisite for owning BTSR is having an account on OpenLedger, the cryptocurrency’s trading platform. Holding an account guarantees an excellent user experience and makes it possible to buy and sell coins. The total amount of BTSR coins is distributed to different stakeholders and for different purposes. 40% of the tokens are reserved for the Board of Directors and the development team of BitTeaser. The remaining 60% is used for the initial issuance and for performance based rewards on BitTeaser and HubDSP. This means that the larger part of BTSR is made available for the public. Everyone can participate in the growing blockchain market and the advertising industry is only one of the options.