Boolberry Cryptocurrency: Review And Specifications

Boolberry Cryptocurrency: Review And Specifications

Boolberry is a digital currency that utilizes the power and functions of the CryptoNote Technology. Its major benefit is that it allows more privacy c

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Boolberry is a digital currency that utilizes the power and functions of the CryptoNote Technology. Its major benefit is that it allows more privacy controls both for the senders and receivers of transactions, and that is an aspect which is hard to come by in many cryptocurrencies. Boolberry enforces its robust rules by ensuring that receivers are given anonymity, and which guarantees that only the real recipient can only know the destination of any transaction. The transactions also cannot be treated as a single linked sender. Instead, each transaction can have numerous potential senders, and this makes it tough for an attacker to determine who the actual sender.

The platform also carries out routine privacy improvements to ensure that anonymity of users is ever maintained, and also to reduce the global ledger that carries all its blockchain transactions. It also allows its users to use aliases such as “@zooberg” instead of relying on the conventional long address contact format. Boolberry also as an easy to use wallet system that ships in binary and source as the official part of the cryptocurrency’s platform distribution. Given that privacy is ever the topmost priority for many digital currency users, Boolberry has hit a huge opportunity by acting on this users’ interest.

Boolberry has many attractive features aimed at making it deliver better performance as compared to other well-established digital currencies. Its main features include;

• Ring signatures and unique one-time transaction keys that facilitate highly-controlled privacy access.

• Separate wallets and daemons for the intentions of enhancing the platform’s usability.

• Flexible network protocols that can quickly and efficiently adjust to the Boolberry’s users’ needs.

• Blockchain hash that can be relied on to provide a balanced GPU, CPU and ASIC processing speeds.

• Alert system that can be used to inform miners and other developers of the important updates that may be taking place in Boolberry’s mining platform.

• Aliases for wallet addresses so that potential access breach can be minimized.

The robust privacy protection features surely make Boolberry be one of the unique digital currencies in the crowded cryptocurrency markets. The whole system is designed having the interest of miners and developers at heart, and that aspect surely makes Boolberry be a digital currency trading platform that presents growth and opportunities to its users. Though cryptocurrency platform such as Bitcoin is popular based on the number of users it attracts, privacy is still a major hurdle, and that is an opportunity that has been well exploited by Boolberry.