Blockchain Technology For Voting

Blockchain Technology For Voting

Blockchain technology has found application in various fields but it can also be used for online voting, according to Follow My Vote.

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Blockchain technology has found application in various fields like cryptocurrencies, financial technology, the travel industry and others.

But the technology can also be used for online voting, according to Follow My Vote, a start-up dedicated to building a secure online voting platform.

“Since the dawn of democracy, elections throughout the world have been plagued with accusations of illegitimacy.”, as the company explained on their website.

“As democratic societies across the globe are beginning to adopt technology to improve the efficiency of the election process, many people are discovering that certain types of technology can be extremely vulnerable, which may have the potential to unfairly influence the outcome of election.”, as the statement added.

Referring to Blockchain technology, Follow My Vote wrote that the technology will be able to gain transparency into the elections process without compromising privacy.

“By casting votes as transactions, we can create a blockchain which keeps track of the tallies of the votes. This way, everyone can agree on the final count because they can count the votes themselves, and because of the blockchain audit trail, they can verify that no votes were changed or removed, and no illegitimate votes were added.”, as the company stated.

However, some experts are cautious with regard to blockchain technology`s use in online voting.

Dr. Feng Hao co-lead of the Secure & Resilient Systems group at Newcastle University’s School of Computing Science, who is also testing a small-scale e-voting application over blockchain, argued as quoted by Forbes (

“Until we have concrete experimental results, we can’t tell for sure if the blockchain-based voting is really a viable idea.”

Forbes spoke to other experts in the field who expressed their opinion on the subject.

“Blockchain is interesting but does not solve many of the issues relating to Internet voting.”, according to Pamela Smith, the president of Verified Voting Foundation, a non-governmental organization that works to ensure reliability and security of election results in the digital age.

It is to be seen, if blockchain technology would be able to secure transparent voting in the near future.