Blockchain Music Platform VOISE Joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Blockchain Music Platform VOISE Joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Blockchain-based music startup, Voise, has joined Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) less than a month as a full member after launching its platform.

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Blockchain-based music startup, Voise, has joined Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) less than a month as a full member after launching its platform.

Voise is placed at the same standing by EEA membership with most of the well-known global companies in a range of diverse fields, such as the energy industry, academia and Blockchain, management consulting, and financial technology.

This relationship will help the startup network as well as enable them to engage directly with huge Blockchain projects and reputable industry giants like Intel, Credit Suisse, Morgan, British Petroleum, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, and many more.

The decision of Voise to join EEA could be of help for the project to get wider influence and recognition, with EEA as a reputable and valuable partnership through the common goal of the organization to advance the decentralized solutions.

With the efforts, the Voise has put towards eliminating the middle parties in the music streaming globally, along with EEA it will now enable the combination of their efforts jointly towards common Ethereum protocol advancement.

Disrupting Online Music Industry globally

Musicians have ditched their albums sales within their physical locations, instead, at the moment they are looking for online platforms where a huge number of music lovers have migrated to. However, the recent changes haven’t hurt the artist, particularly the independent artist, as they are struggling continually with the high price of distributions.

You find that musicians are charged frequently by major centralized platforms between fifteen to forty percent of the generated revenue that comes from paid downloads, with the streaming services getting away with even larger cuts.

This is the part that Voise is hoping to make improvements about the current affairs in the music industry. Building on their previous attempts that were based on decentralized platforms and Blockchain development, that is where the Voise platform is intended to be a solution.

Additionally, Voise developers have focused on simplicity efforts on the consumer view of things. The platform will be easy to use for mainstreaming, allowing both flat and crypto payments to bring in board crypto users as well as the average music listeners, with options to withdraw and deposit to their dashboard wallets either in ETH or Voise tokens.

From the homepage, consumers will get a familiar user interface where they can access popular music directly, find new music, and top downloads from the search engine that is thematic categorized by favorite genres or artists. On the homepage, they can also be able to access Radio Dao to find out the latest highly ranked performers and get Voise developments first-hand updates.

Artists can have the ability to upload albums and singles at a preferred price while enjoying a rich section on their profile to gather new fans. The platform is also designed in a way that it can support free models that enable artists to earn money from donations.

Rapid Developments On The Voise Platform

In the recent past Voise has updated the roadmap of its development to reflect their latest new partnership and the soon to be unveiled platform features include search engine and artists verification system. Voise also has an intention to build a South Korean music based community to lure investment from what they view as an emerging market.

Endorsements from DJ sensation Jinco and Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi, as well as with partnership with reputable companies such as Coinomi and MicroMoney, have given the startup with an additional credibility.

Furthermore, most of the developments seem to have come by in an aggressive sentiment for its customized VOISE tokens, as proven by its raising CoinMarketCap market capitalization. Voise tokens are receiving steady volumes in trade credit to the recent listings exchanges on cryptocurrency including LiveCoin, CoinExchange, and Bit-z.