Blockchain For Wall Street 2017: November 14, New York City

Blockchain For Wall Street 2017: November 14, New York City

About Blockchain for Wall Street in 2017Distributed Ledger Directions and Realities for the Financial Markets ...

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About Blockchain for Wall Street in 2017

Distributed Ledger Directions and Realities for the Financial Markets …

2017 Registration is Open!

Registration for the 2017 running of Blockchain for Wall Street is now open. A very limited number of ‘pre-dawn early bird’ tickets are available at the lowest rate. WSBA members receive a further discount. Click here to register.

Blockchain as Financial Enterprise IT

While the 2016 Blockchain for Wall Street education day covered a number of proof-of-concepts, 2017 most definitely is the year of the distributed ledger pilot. Pilots differ from PoCs with their focus on a complete real-life application and their deployment in production datacenter environments.

At 2017 Blockchain for Wall Street, blockchain pilot experiences will be featured and analyzed, while enterprise IT deployment and integrations will be explored. As your trading enterprise moves to leverage blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, Blockchain for Wall Street – Tuesday, November 14th at the New York Law School – will provide essential education and insights for your own success.

Attendees at Blockchain for Wall Street will hear about:

– Early financial markets blockchain pilot experiences and lessons learned.

– Blockchain and distributed ledger performance, scalability and security.

– Distributed ledger and smart contact applications across the financial markets, from security issuance and trading, to settlement and payments.

– Identity, privacy and compliance issues and approaches applied to and leveraging blockchain platforms.

– Private and public blockchain interoperability and use cases.

– Smart contract application development, testing and legal validation approaches and experiences.

– Deployment of blockchain technology, leveraging cloud and container technologies, aligned with DevOps principles.

– Integration of blockchain platforms with traditional databases, big data technologies, CRM and ERP systems, legacy post-trade processing platforms and messaging middleware offerings.

– Institutional interest, usage and attitude to cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets.

– Scaling from blockchain pilots to widespread production deployments.

Bringing the Wall Street Blockchain Community Together

Blockchain for Wall Street is a day of practical education, inspiring vision and peer-to-peer engagement, providing an unparalleled opportunity to learn first hand how to play a part in the roll out of blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract approaches on Wall Street and in the financial markets. Check out what happened at the 2016 debut education day here.

WSBA: An Advocacy Group for Wall Street in the Distributed Ledger Age

Blockchain for Wall Street is an annual event from the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, presented for its membership and as a service to the broader industry. The WSBA is a neutral, unbiased steward of education and cooperation between Wall Street firms with a membership that is comprised of some of the most influential and seasoned technologists in the blockchain and distributed ledger community.

The Blockchain Conference from Lighthouse Partners

With its first outing on February 10, 2016 in San Francisco, and featuring IBM’s first public comments on distributed ledger technology, The Blockchain Conference set a new, professional, standard for educational events in the space. The events brand of Lighthouse Partners, The Blockchain Conference partners with WSBA to raise the bar for blockchain events in the financial services sector with Blockchain for Wall Street.

How to Participate

Prospective speakers, sponsors and partners interested in participating in Blockchain for Wall Street should contact Pete Harris of Lighthouse Partners via [email protected]. Delegate registration will open in April. Discounted registration will be available for WSBA members.