Blockchain And ICOs Trends We Might See In 2018

Blockchain And ICOs Trends We Might See In 2018

There are various steps that have been put forward by blockchain companies in 2017, but where does this initiative lead in 2018? The following are the key two areas to focus in the new year coming.

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There are various steps that have been put forward by blockchain companies in 2017, but where does this initiative lead in 2018? The following are the key two areas to focus in the new year coming.


After years of much expectations, 2018 seems to be the year of convergence upon which the ecosystem starts with the blockchain. The blockchain industry is improving the underpinnings of the internet connection. One of the critical issues that prevent the more spreading usage of IoT and the AI is the security vulnerability prone within the internet as per now.

The technology of blockchain can be utilized in patching holes for trust within the ecosystem. Since data is easily trackable, this helps in preventing the biggest contributors of threat. Such threats have occurred many times in the recent years, from the massive Mirai DDoS attack done by bots in the year 2016 to markable stories of kids who learn how to hack their toys. With IoT, each connected device is a prone point of entry, and with AI doing decision for their users, the risk has greatly increased. A secure, scalable and easily vetted platform which blockchain builds is a step of security that can be used even by the government for official use.

Currently, the focus is on smart TVs and the refrigerators, and the stake becomes even infinitely high when we look in the future. Smart medical devices make a representation of how to save a life by being controlled by AI which is capable of making decisions via biometric data. Think of the possibility of someone hacking such device. A similar case is when the self-driving cars are already common and countries are making laws for them as the technology companies are now evolving their capabilities. The objectives of this vehicles are to make transportation easier and safe however hacking of these systems leaves passengers at risk.

Thus the most effective leap forward for connectivity and AI doesn’t come from what the technology can do. Instead, its failure or success matters depends on the security and the data which is empowering it. Inability to have a secured data, any users of AI or IoT devices usually become more glorified technology demo in case it cannot be trusted once released.  2018 marks the very first time whereby technology may take advantage of these capabilities, and when combined they may form the bases of ecosystems which eventually change the way humans live, play and work. This can lead to various types of changes, as from marriages of NFC and RFID chips and blockchain as new private identification to cryptocurrencies which are being used to do transactions between IoT and AI devices.

Regulated Investment – ICOs

The year 2017 focused on investing with the re-occurrence of ICOs enabled via Ethereum framework and others. ICOs were faced with unclear ways to comply with government policies in 2017. Their distinctive characteristics make them appear like commodities, securities or even sometimes currency have made them hard to keep in a regulatory box. Many ICOs fund donators have chosen to ignore the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and raise funds without obeying any rules concerning the standard and stock securities.

This however changed mid-year when the security and exchange commission announced it could start the oversight of the ICOs and go ahead to shut down the non-compliant and fraudulent of ICOs. Wise Companies chose to pick one of the two paths-either falling via the finish lines of the compliance through shoehorning themselves in the existing SEC laws.

However, ICOs are going on getting traction as an acceptable method to investment, and in case the companies need to fundraise high levels through an ICO, they are supposed to abide by the set SEC regulations.

As this brand territory for the company, it means to slow down and taking 2018 to study the best way forward to ensure regulation is put in place. By keeping a tested order, more companies will be able to get the SEC compliant ICOs, and this will help them in breaking open more field for investing. Which is an addition to the technological improvement, usage of blockchain in powering brand generations of investment will further push it into the mainstream.