Blockchain Academy Boosts Education In Botswana

Blockchain Academy Boosts Education In Botswana

The South African-based Blockchain Academy is to work with the Satoshi centre to improve blockchain education in Botswana.The training will take p

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The South African-based Blockchain Academy is to work with the Satoshi centre to improve blockchain education in Botswana.

The training will take place from 1 to 2 May 2017 in Botswana. The goal is to educate developers interested in building blockchain applications using the Bitcoin core, as the press release of the Blockchain Academy stated.

Established in 2015, the Blockchain Academy provides training and education in South Africa, Zimbabwe and India. Some of their clients are big financial institutions like Standard Bank, Absa, Barclays, legal and insurance companies and entrepreneurs, as explained.

According to Sonya Kuhnel, Managing Director of the Blockchain Academy, the project may open new opportunities:

“We are seeing a real demand for blockchain skills in South Africa and we expect to see this in Botswana among other African countries soon, as companies are starting to research and build proof-of-concepts with blockchain technology. This is an extremely interesting space to be involved in and provides many opportunities for incumbents and individuals to experiment with this emerging and disruptive technology.”

Blockchain in Africa

Africa has reportedly been said to be embracive of the the blockchain technology.

Recently, BitPesa, a bitcoin payment start-up that launched in Kenya in 2013, received funding of $2,5 million in Series A round led by noted US-based industry investor Draper VC, as reported earlier. Some of the other existing investors are Digital Currency Group, Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital Management, BnkToTheFuture, Zephyr Acorn and FuturePerfectVC, while US venture capital firm Greycroft LLC joined as a new shareholder and investor.

Also, the African financial system is reportedly seeing the potential of reducing banking transaction costs.

“The opportunity is to produce new constructs that sort of bring together unique opportunities and competencies – things like the blockchain and mobile-money movement on the phone, and mesh networking. It’s a matter of using Africa’s unique potential right now to come up with things that defy Western ­logic in many terms or just don’t fit that classical model.”, said Brett King, co-founder of US-based banking app Moven, in an interview with The Africa Report as quoted by

However, more testing and development is required before banks can use blockchain technology to perform financial transactions, concluded the online media.