BitStar Cryptocurrency Review – All You Need To Know

BitStar Cryptocurrency Review – All You Need To Know

BitStar (BITS) happens to be a very distinctive 'savings’ digital currency whose network is secured by the users 'staking’ their wallet balances. It i

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BitStar (BITS) happens to be a very distinctive ‘savings’ digital currency whose network is secured by the users ‘staking’ their wallet balances. It is also highly noted for being one of the few varieties of internet currencies that provide almost complete transaction anonymity. This has enabled it to gain a lot of popularity among users since its launch on the 17th of April 2014. For instance, for you to send or receive payments through it, you will only have to make 4 confirmations. Also, this cryptocurrency offers some of the very lowest transaction rates among all others, which are currently in existence. As such, you will only have to foot a transaction fee of 0.001 for each and every transaction you execute via this coin ( both in sending or receiving payments).

Saving cryptocurrency

Like it was mentioned at the start of this review, this digital currency lets users ‘stake’ their wallet balances in order to earn more coins. In other words, this is very similar to how conventional banks allow their clients to earn interest on the money they entrust to their keeping. All you will ever have to do is deposit BitStar (BITS) coins in your official wallet. Then after the expiration of just 24 hours, they can begin to earn interest.

Near-lightning quick transaction times

At the same time, this given cryptocurrency is highly acclaimed for providing some of the very quickest transaction times in this industry. This is brought about mainly due to its exceptionally rapid proof of stake (PoS) algorithm. Generally speaking, you can be able to make and even receive payments via this coin in just a matter of a couple of seconds. This is obviously a stark contrast from what most other types of internet currencies (even some of the most established ones) can be able to deliver.

SuperNET enabled wallet

This digital currency has the distinction of being one of the first of its kind to be picked and included in the superNET platform. So, you can always conveniently access all the advantageous superNET beta features and services straight from your wallet.

Mining BitStar (BITS)

You can as well be in a good position of earning mined coins of this internet currency from its very own multipool whenever you wish to do so. As at the writing of this review, it had a combined proof of work (PoW) along with a PoS supply of 54.25 million coins. At the moment, this digital currency offers seamless support for both the Scrypt SHA-254 together with the X11 mining algorithms.

BitStar (BITS) exchange markets

BitStar (BITS) can be easily and conveniently traded for other internet currencies and even a number of hard global currencies through a number of markets exchanges. Some of the most prominent of which include the earlier noted superNET platform, Poloniex, NovaExchange, BitTrex and Cryptopia as well. So, if you wish to do some trading using this coin for whatever reasons you might have, you can always head to any of these digital currencies exchanges. On a parting shot, should you wish to obtain much more in-depth details about this coin, including its features and the services it can provide, please feel free to head to this website