BitCrystals are utilized while playing online games

BitCrystals are utilized while playing online games

BitCrystals (BCY) are a mode of currency that will be utilized while playing online games. These cryptocurrencies will go about as both the game build

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BitCrystals (BCY) are a mode of currency that will be utilized while playing online games. These cryptocurrencies will go about as both the game builder and the game currency in Spells of Genesis.

About Spell of Genesis 

This game is a product of EverdreamSoft (EDS), a Swiss based organization that spends significant time in the advancement of internet games. Spells of Genesis (SoG) ought to be the main trading card game that uses the blockchain system. For this reason, EverdreamSoft issued a fresh out of the plastic new cryptocurrency refferred to as BitCrystals – which is the center of the Spell of Genesis in-game economy.

Spells of Genesis is in the last phases of beta testing so any accomplishments made in the game will in the end be reset. Analyzers might be remunerated with BCY once the game is completely propelled. The game is available for all to play and players could conceivably profit by gathering significant cards and selling them off.

Spells of Genesis consolidates the parts of a card game and an arcade game. Gathering blockchain cards to fabricate the most grounded deck and battling your foes permits you to develop in an awesome, SoG-based world.

In summary, the Spells of Genesis story is a blockchain purposeful anecdote. The cards, delineating essential tasks and identities from the blockchain biological community, are computerized resources, available with BitCrystals or different cryptocurrencies.

BitCrystals (BCY) 

As noted above, Spells of Genesis has its own particular currency called BitCrystals (BCY). These tokens were at first sold to crowdfund team, with the main group keeping 30% of the supply to pay for continuous expenses.

BCY can be utilized to buy cards and can be exchanged on crypto trades like Poloniex. BitCrystals were issued in a constrained supply of 100 million units and 70% of the aggregate supply was offered available to be purchased amid the BitCrystals Token Sale. The supply of BCY has a deflationary monetary model. Toward the end of consistently the originators obliterate a large portion of the BCY gathered from card deals in the market. This diminished supply builds shortage and can possibly help boost the value of bitcrystals in the market. For the most part, while playing in the Spells of Genesis, there is a restricted supply of BitCrystals which can be utilized to make new card packs or exchanged with different players. BitCrystals can be exchanged on the blockchain or used to buy blockchain-based cards, playable inside Spells of Genesis.


Cryptocurrency will be utilized as an in-game method for trade. Counterparty tokens will be allocated to cards in SoG which implies you can exchange cards unreservedly inside and outside the game application. Players will claim their game things and cards in the game world as well as on the blockchain. Utilizing bitcrystals you will have the capacity to exchange cards and game items effortlessly inside and outside the SoG game application. This is made conceivable through Counterparty, a stage which can be utilized for making custom tokens which go about as their own cryptocurrency, while as yet running on the blockchain. Visit more information about this cryptocurrency.