Atmos (ATMS) Cryptocurrency Review: What To Know

Atmos (ATMS) Cryptocurrency Review: What To Know

Developed by Novusphere, the top priority of the Atmos (ATMS) Company was to create a tangible product that can be used by the consumer immediately he

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Developed by Novusphere, the top priority of the Atmos (ATMS) Company was to create a tangible product that can be used by the consumer immediately he gets it. This means the decentralization and the blockchain of the product is very important. Instead of taking many years developing a product with nothing to show in terms of tangibility they’d rather develop this product. Due to this, they have come up with a working product that you can use and feel that you are using in the name of Atmos (ATMS).

Atmos (ATMS) basic info

It’s really early in the life of Atmos (ATMS) since it’s only been available for a week and is still trading at its ICO price. Currently, it’s very hard to find a coin that has not been pumped. Although the very basics about this coin are missing, the community and developers are very enthusiastic. As a new coin, it has not had enough time to enable someone to know about its advantages and disadvantages. Although there is a coin and blockchain, the plan is not to mix them up until the coin is completely available for daily use. As compared to other projects, they are trying to concentrate on the product before they can decentralize it.

Atmos, as a proof of stake cryptocurrency, is the native value coin in the Novusphere blockchain and will be applied to pay for the content request, content rating, gateway advertisement and dispute resolution of the Novusphere. This coin could be realized tomorrow and go up in value by over 10 times or it could just drop until it is released or mined. According to the community, they seriously believe that there is value in this coins markets and they can make something out of it. However, for the 100 million coins displayed in the market, the price seems to be a bit high.

Its main developer was initially involved with PureVids which forced one of the team members to leave with what was supposed to be used for the project. Although people are still not sure about its long term success, this does not mean that there is nothing to be gained in the short term that it will be in the market.

Atmos integration

This phase of Atmos integration involves implementing the early systems such that they can be able to use a new version of the Atmos system that will later be produced by the Novusphere blockchain. Each of these systems will provide a way in which the ecosystem can use and earn their Atmos.

The integration part involves

· Gateway advertisement.

· Content rating system.

· Dispute resolution system.

· Content request system.

Since this cryptocurrency is still developing there are many things that are still being developed. Since it’s still new its makes a good investment so that once it hits the market in a big way you can reap the benefits. The only problem with Atmos is that when they have just been released crytopcurrency have a tendency of having a very high growth rate. However, this does not continue for a long time since the value is likely to go down. What follows once it’s established is the most important thing.

Currently, it’s worth $0.01 and if this does not improve then there is a big problem with it. At the moment, you can purchase it at Nova Exchange and Cryptopia.