An Enlightening Introduction Of Hellenic Coin (HNC)

An Enlightening Introduction Of Hellenic Coin (HNC)

Hellenic Coin is a cryptocurrency that makes use of litecoin technology with varying algorithms. The digital currency was created with the aim of maki

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Hellenic Coin is a cryptocurrency that makes use of litecoin technology with varying algorithms. The digital currency was created with the aim of making it an aggressive and unshakable store of value. The values of most of the conventional currencies used across the world are so uncertain and unpredictable. Therefore, they chose to create a currency that everyone could have faith in. The total amount of coins that creators of the digital currency intend to issue is 100 million. Currently, there are approximately 30 million coins that are actively circulating in the markets. Out of the 100 million coins that will be issued as the years go by, 40 million of them (or 40%) will be mined.

Security of Hellenic Coin

1. Private– When conducting transactions using this cryptocurrency, you don’t have to reveal any personal details such as full name and telephone number. There are only two things that you need; a private key and public key.
2. Decentralized– the currency is completely decentralized. Since it’s firmly anchored on blockchain technology, nearly everything is done transparently. You’ll definitely know how valuable the digital currencies in your possession are, origin of the coins and their destination as well.
3. Consent- Once a transaction involving the cryptocurrency is complete; it becomes very difficult to initiate reversal. If you wish to reverse the transaction, you must first obtain express consent from the recipient. This security feature makes it nearly impossible for users to fraudulently reverse transactions.

Market capitalization

According to the latest statistics, market cap of the digital currency stands at US$ 0.028380 (12 percent).

Hellenic Coin exchange

Microsoft Windows OS, Linux OS and both versions of MAC OSX (released before and after the year 2011) can support the digital currency’s wallet.
The exchange wallet can be used to transfer coins from one person to another. Additionally, they can be used to store the coins.
Users who wish to open exchange accounts can visit the creator’s website and click on the provided link.
It’s important to note that HNC will be availed on the GREENSHEET website as a digital currency for commercial trade in United States of America. The aforementioned website is a widely renowned online publication for processing payments, DISCOIVER, VISA, AMEX and ultimately HELLENIC COIN.

Why should I invest in the Hellenic Coin?

1. Efficiency
Generally, the process of clearing checks takes a long time because of the need for banks to confirm the availability of funds in the issuers’ accounts. International wire transfers also take a long time.
On the other hand, transactions involving Hellenic Coin are extremely fast. Suppose you live in North America and you transfer the cryptocurrency to someone living in Africa, that person can confirm receipt of the currency within half an hour.
2. Absolute ownership
The private key as well as the matching public key that the cryptocurrency’s address comprises of belongs to you in entirety. The ownership cannot, under any circumstances, be taken away without your express consent.
3. Security of payment information
Transactions that involve use of Hellenic Coin don’t require users to reveal personally identifiable information (PII). Your private and matching public keys are the only details that you must provide to complete transactions.
4. Exceptional privacy
If you hold a Hellenic Coin address, it’s impossible for anyone to discover that it belongs to you. It can be compared to a scenario whereby people come across a transparent wallet. Even though they can look inside and establish how much the wallet contains, it’s impossible for them to know who it belongs to.


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