Amazon Pay Links With Alexa For App Purchases

Amazon Pay Links With Alexa For App Purchases

Amazon`s service Amazon Pay will soon be available for application by third-party developers as they create skills for Amazon's virtual voice assistant Alexa.

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The latest news coming from Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Corporation is that Amazon Pay will very soon become available for application by third-party developers as they create skills for Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa.

The news, as reported by VentureBeat, means that in the near future developers and businesses alike will have the capability of accepting Amazon Pay payments for in-app purchases procured from the Alexa Skills store. Some early-adopters such as Sports Jeopardy!, Heads Up, and Match Game, have already announced plans to take the new system capabilities onboard.

What Does this Mean?

By adding Amazon Pay to third-party skills, the e-commerce giant is showing its determination to grab a major share of the payments aspect of its operations, especially with voice payment systems gaining in popularity.
A substantial eight percent of US-based respondents to a BI Intelligence survey reported that they had used voice commands to either make a purchase, pay a bill, or send money. Based on the survey, it’s anticipated that this figure will rise to an even more substantial 31% of US adults within five years, or, in other words, 78 million users by the year 2022.
The numbers become even more significant when you factor in the popularity of Amazon’s Echo devices, which are the market leaders in the smart speaker niche, with a seemingly unassailable 68% market share. According to Strategy Analytics, Echo’s increasing popularity will go hand-in-hand with the use of voice commanded in-app payment systems.
Echo’s voice-recognition software applied to authentication procedures is being relied upon to quell safety concerns among users, which is the number one reason many (42%) aren’t very comfortable with voice payment systems according to a BI Intelligence survey.
Amazon hasn’t yet made its presence really felt in the payments arena, but with this move, calculated to dominate the voice payment arena in its early stages, Amazon could very well be on their way to being a big player in this field.