All You Should Know About Etheroll Casino

All You Should Know About Etheroll Casino

Etheroll is an exclusive online casino and it's a place where through playing and winning a dice rolling game, you are awarded with Ether cryptocurrency tokens.

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Win consistent and secure winnings online without going through the usual hassles of signing up or registering. Etheroll is an exclusive online casino and where through playing and winning a dice rolling game, you are awarded with Ether.

What Is Etheroll?

Accessible online at a site called, it is a characteristic online casino centered on Ethereum blockchain. Here, they offer only one game-dice rolling game where you play by predicting the roll of a subsequent 100-sided dice.

The game requires no particular sign-ups or deposits and only requires you to use Mist browser in navigating their website and subsequently syncing to the up-to-the-minute Ethereum block.

In placing their bets, the game makes use of Ethereum’s smart contract. Every dice roll is not only random but also cryptographically secure since it is centered on the exclusive Ethereum blockchain.

How It Works

Etheroll revolves around a solitary dice game. In this game, users are allowed to choose their individual bet size and the winning stakes and chance prior to rolling it. The harder the bet, the higher the winnings.

On winning, the winnings are immediately deposited into your individual account and since Etheroll relies on the exclusive Smart Contract system, it eradicates involvement of third parties precisely what is expected of online blockchain-based casinos.

But how does Etheroll amasses profits with the claims of being a fair game?

The firm claims it has a house edge of 1 %.

How It Is Played

The game is surprisingly straightforward. You simply bet on the outcome of a simple 100-sded dice roll; which is assured of landing on any number from 1 to 100.

· Winning: To win, the result of the dice need not be higher than your selected number-only lower!

· Placing a bet: To place a bet, first install Mist browser then subsequently sync to a block that is most up to date

Here is a step by step outline on how to play: 

Step 1: Set your bet amount (in Ether units).

Step 2: Tune the slider so as to alter both your number and winning percentage.

Step 3: Click on ROLL.

Step 4: When the dice rolls to a number that is lower than the amount you bet, you immediately win. On losing, the contract sends you down 1 Wei.

The House subtracts 1% commission off your total winning amount that is if you win.


Conservative or outright risky, Etheroll is the home for consistent and secure winnings. It is simple with no hassles of signing up or registering only simply requiring an installation of Mist browser and synching with up-to-minute Ethereum blocks. If gambling is your thing, enroll at and start winning!