All You Need To Know About Stratis

All You Need To Know About Stratis

Most of you have already heard of Stratis. This is a powerful and flexible Blockchain development platform created for the needs of real world financi

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Most of you have already heard of Stratis. This is a powerful and flexible Blockchain development platform created for the needs of real world financial services, organizations and businesses that are interested in developing, testing and deploying applications on the blockchain. Stratis blockchain can be developed in pure C# and it can also make use of Microsoft.Net Framework while at the same time taking advantage of the powerful Stratis API’s and framework. Stratis private chain allows businesses to organize their own customized blockchains without the expenses innate in running their own blockchain network infrastructure.

Stratis private Chains

A secure blockchain network usually has hundreds or even thousands of computers running the same protocol. Therefore, there is a huge advantage of using a conventional network with established stability and security rather than deciding to start from scratch. Even though you can develop apps on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, there are only a few businesses that would consider doing that. This is because even though Bitcoin remains the best known and the most secure cryptocurrency network it still has a comparative slow 10 minute confirmation times and a number of attacks on the network. This means that transactions can be delayed for hours

Being the native value token in the Stratum platform stratis will be required to create and propel a private or public blockchain. There is always an advantage developing applications using private blockchains compared to public blockchains such as Bitcoins. The primary advantage is the fact that unlike the public blockchains, private blockchains can be customized to perform exactly how you want it. Also given the fact that Stratis will be proof of stake, companies will not need to have expensive mining hardware to run nodes for their private Blockchains.

Fiat gateways

Stratis is also developed so that it can support fiat gateways for private blockchains. This is going to allow fiat tokens to be easily transferred on the blockchain and across the globe without exposing any financial organization to the instability linked with cryptocurrency.

Sparking the new versatile economy

$STRAT is the energy used to power and secure the stratis blockchain. As a digital cryptographic token, it is used to pay fee per transaction and also as an instrument for transfer of value among participants in the Stratis marketplace. It is also traded on open exchanges as one of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Above all, stratis is also going to act as London based consultancy service that will advice businesses on the features or blockchain specification to implement and how to do that.