All you need to know about I/O Coin

All you need to know about I/O Coin

I/O Coin is a highly innovative and secure cryptocurrency. It works perfectly with PoS Systems using less power making them friendlier to the environm

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I/O Coin is a highly innovative and secure cryptocurrency. It works perfectly with PoS Systems using less power making them friendlier to the environment as compared to the Bitcoin. The I/O Digital Currency was developed by a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to improving the IOC to be the best and most innovative PoS currency in the market. This article features basic info about the I/O coin.

The Digital Crypto-Currency was first released to the market in July 2014. During its initial mining period or “Proof Of Work” period, over 16 million I/O coin was mined. Just like any other currency such as Dollar and Euro, I/O coin has a real world value, which is based on the latest exchange rate of the cryptocurrency. You can also earn interest from your I/O coins by putting them into your wallet and allow them to ‘Stake’ to help them secure network.

Features of the I/O Coin

The team of developers has come with a Proof of Stake System PoS I/O, HTML5 wallet, Android Mobile Wallet with a Point of Sales features and DIONS decentralized usernames that allow the user to send coins easily using a registered username. These are features that are not found in most other digital currency.

I/O Coin has been in the forefront in including different features that can be included in the digital currency. IONS are a fantastic feature that you cannot easily find in other cryptocurrency and allow you to send and receive payments using a pre-registered name. ION coin is also the first one to come up with true stand-alone HTML5 wallet. It was a great challenge to add this feature and success is a great proof how the developing team is dedicated and talented. Different altcoins such as Litecoin, Peercoin, and Dogecoin have tried to come up with HTML wallet but have failed.


I/O coin features different wallets for different platforms. The Wallets are available for download at their official website. Just visit the website and download the right wallet that can work for with your platform. The QT Wallet is the most basic wallet of I/O Coin and it is highly recommended to avoid using QT and HTML5 wallet in the same machine. The QT Wallet has been facing out and will not be developed further. Further development will be seen in the HTML Wallet.

You can use Bootstrap.dat to fast track the blockchain Sync. Download the bootstrap manually and unzip it before placing it in the Library/Application Support/iocoin (for OSX)’ folder and run the wallet. works also works with windows. Although loading the bootstrap may take a few hours, it is the fastest way of syncing your wallet for the first time.