All You Need To Know About Centurion (CNT) Cryptocurrency

All You Need To Know About Centurion (CNT) Cryptocurrency

Centurion (CNT) was launched on February 9, 2017. Since then, it has been gained immense popularity. The reason that this particular cryptocurrency is

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Centurion (CNT) was launched on February 9, 2017. Since then, it has been gained immense popularity. The reason that this particular cryptocurrency is becoming so popular is that it has eliminated the shortcomings of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. This provides CNT an huge edge over the other altcoins.

We would today shed some light on this relatively new cryptocurrency and why it is destined to be a significant currency in the cryptocurrency universe.

Basic Info about Centurion Coin

Centurion (CNT) has been created with the sole aim of facilitating quicker and easier transactions. It is also designed in such a way that the mining of Centurion is much easier as compared to its peers. Centurion (CNT) is designed to enable even normal users who are not that tech savvy to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution and mine centurion. CentuionLab has also striked a partnership with Cryptonetwork ltd to enable easy accessibility of its cryptocurrency.
Owing to the initiatives of Centurion Labs to make the currency more popular ever since its launch, the accessibility of the currency is increasing significantly.

Centurion (CNT) cost & Market Cap

The current cost of CNT is $0.016849 with an increase of over 20% in the past 24 hours.
The market cap of the CNT currently is around $0.5 million which gives it plenty of room to appreciate in the future owing to the smaller market cap.

Features of Centurion (CNT)

There are quite a few distinct features of Centurion which distinguish it from the other currencies in the cryptocurrency universe. We would now go into the details of these features.

1. Faster transactions:
According to the official website of Centurion (CNT), the transactions of Centurion can be confirmed within 6 minutes. This means that you can send and receive coins with a relatively shorter time span of 6 minutes. This eliminates the longer transaction confirmation backlog in many of the other currencies currently. Currently, owing to its popularity even Bitcoin transactions are taking a longer period of time to get completed as compared to Centurion.

2. Can be mined:
Centurion can be mined using CPU mining as well as GPU mining. This ensures that mining becomes easier for ordinary users who are not that tech savvy. This also makes it more affordable to mine CNT.

3. Enhanced security:
Centurion utilizes 11 hashing functions, which makes the currency much more secure as compared to some of its peers.

4. Social responsibility:
The team behind Centurion have pledged to donate over 5 million coins for humanitarian causes.

5. Smaller block sizes:
The blocksize of centurion is just of 2MB which ensures faster processing. This feature alone has the potential to take Centurion to newer heights in the cryptocurrency markets.

Where can I buy Centurion?

Some of the most popular exchanges on which you can easily buy/sell Centurion are:

All of these exchanges allow you to buy/sell Centurion at the prevailing prices in real-time.

Wallet for Centurion

The wallet for storing Centurion can be easily downloaded from the official website. The 2 types of wallets which they have on offer are:

-Windows Wallet
-Android Wallet

If you do not want to use both of these options, you can opt for the online anonymous wallets which are easily available.

So, if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency with a difference, you should definitely invest in Centurion (CNT) due to its advantages as compared to other cryptocurrency options.