Africa Can Accelerate Development By Implementing Blockchain

Africa Can Accelerate Development By Implementing Blockchain

The peculiar nature of Africa makes it a practical hub for Blockchain solutions. Even though the continent is lagging in most developmental aspects, t

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The peculiar nature of Africa makes it a practical hub for Blockchain solutions. Even though the continent is lagging in most developmental aspects, the opportunity presented by Blockchain technology and its versatile nature means the continent has a wonderful chance to leapfrog past a number of transitional processes, thereby enabling it to join its counterparts.

The African Nations Need Blockchain Technology

Since Blockchain has an application in all systems that allow management, storage, or transfer of data, finding lasting solutions to lingering developmental issues in Africa is now achievable within a short time.

To realize the solutions that are now a possibility using Blockchain, specific essential processes must be set up immediately, which is achievable only through the correct education. The acquisition and transfer of knowledge of Blockchain in Africa is an aspect that must be treated with a lot of seriousness.

Continental Deficiency

It is worth noting that the continent of Africa is currently experiencing a dwindling developmental record due to the deficiency of sufficient education. It is no wonder that an ever-increasing number of its citizens are traveling overseas in the search for proper education and training in conventional fields.

The lack of quality education is attributed to the poor interpretation of various innovations and concepts that are introduced to the continent of Africa. The total ban on OneCoin, Bitcoin, and numerous other Ponzi programs by the government of Nigeria several months ago provides a good example of the effects of improper knowledge.

In the aforementioned scenarios, the government authorities made a hurried proclamation without any understanding of the concepts, which they classified to be similar and fraudulent. After receiving lots of criticisms from the indigenous users, a reversal of the ban was effected and modalities were set up with the aim of getting a deeper understanding of the whole idea behind different forms of digital forms of currencies.

Consequently, the startups and educational programs are tasked with the huge responsibility of getting the continent of Africa up to speed on matters to do with Blockchain and different forms of decentralized technology.

Partnering With Governments

Organizations such as the Cryptographic Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN) have helped with the sensitization of participants regarding the cryptocurrency space while promoting awareness that helps users differentiate between real products and the fraudulent elements. In addition, the organization is well represented in the departments where the government of Nigeria is creating a functional and enabling environment that will allow decentralized technology and digital forms of currencies to thrive.

Hands-on Learning

Cryptogene is yet another Blockchain startup in its initial stages. It comprises of talented professionals from different parts of the continent. The startup has affirmed that it is intent on providing Blockchain-based solutions particularly meant for the African nations seeking to develop better integration using the numerous benefits that Blockchain technology has to offer.

Cryptogene has also made the assertion that it aims to bring Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to the ordinary thus making it acceptable in the continent. They intend to do this by educating the populace, adopting, and implementing the technologies. The startup has gone one step further by developing a hub that enables hands-on learning and supports cross-border usage, interaction, and development of the tools presented by Blockchain for both individuals and organizations.


Earlier this year in March, South Africa played host to a major Blockchain event. The conference which was one of the biggest ever held in the African continent witnessed the convergence of local and global experts. The experts discussed the exciting possibilities and challenges in the technological innovations and disruptions that can be used to maximum advantage through the Blockchain Technology.

It is no doubt that startup communities in Africa are carrying on with the development and awareness creation of the Blockchain technology. The African continent is ready to leapfrog many years of zero development while reaping the benefits presented by the current worldwide Blockchain disruption.