AdEx (ADX) Revolutionizing The Online Advertising Landscape

AdEx (ADX) Revolutionizing The Online Advertising Landscape

AdEx simply translates to exchange of ads. The system strives towards improving the current scenario of advertising on the internet.

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AdEx (ADX) is a platform which permits publishers to endorse their ads in a protected pathway. All parties involved are equally benefited in the apparent process. It is a win-win situation for both advertisers and consumers.

With foundation in blockchain technology, AdEx simply translates to exchange of ads. The system strives towards improving the current scenario of advertising on the internet.
Several online businesses face setbacks like invading user privacy in a bid to seek approval to send sponsored content. Advertising scams involving swindling of huge amounts of money can be tactfully avoided.

AdEx first gained public notice with its launch on 12th December 2016. This was followed by an inventory of cryptocurrency on 30th June 2017. The creation event took place for almost a month. The beta version of ADX is touted to be regally unveiled in January 2018.

The ad network constitutes multiple strata of trade exchange. It is primarily developed on the basis of Ethereum contracts. The digital agreement is equipped with a dose of smart solutions. The main feature of AdEx is its transparency in regulating misuse of user data.

It is formed in a certain manner to bring about a balance in the business relations. This leads to a healthy association between the advertisers, the publishers and the consumers. ADX reduces the authority of a sole organisation by distributing the power among several bodies.

The direct approach eliminates the common trail of numerous exchanges on demand side platforms (DSP) and supply side platforms (SSP). The decentralised network facilitates greater accuracy and efficiency through a simplifying mechanism.

In orientation to exchange, AdEx (ADX) is planning to establish a medium for DApps. The decentralised app is targeted at specific portals dedicated to publishers and advertisers. These applications are interconnected with the Ethereum blockchain.

Each consumer is assigned a unique AdEx profile to assess the record of past transactions of digital currency. With the goal to be user friendly, the interface operate on any browser. The hosted DApps are made easily accessible to end users.

ADX is partnered with esteemed bitcoin company BITMAIN Technologies. It provides integrated circuits of supreme quality. It concentrates mainly on mined bitcoin computer chips.
It is marketed by Stremio, an open source entertainment system. The software app is built to procure and deliver any video content within the association.
AdEx is backed by crypto hedge fund leader Fintech Blockchain Group. FBG is credited to being one of the most trusted venture capital funds. The network is moderated by WINGS, a software platform which advocates creating decentralised structures.

In layman terms, an advertiser bids to the publisher who in turn accepts the proposal. The latter leaves an impression before the end user. The advertising performance metric is filled by the stakeholder. The consumer resolutes the online performance against his user id, which ultimately reaches the advertising body.

The blockchain powered infrastructure is making waves in today’s cryptocurrency market. out of the total capacity of 100 million ADX, it has a circulating supply of over 56 million ADX. The decentralised ad network can be further referenced at its official website.