A New Kind Of Ride-Sharing App Recently Raised $19M

A New Kind Of Ride-Sharing App Recently Raised $19M

Less is a ride-sharing service. It puts focus on short distance travel as its main idea is to match commuters to drivers who are going to a specific location.

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Criteo is one of the most successful start-up companies that came out of France. When Criteo hit the block, it reached unicorn level in a relatively short time, and eventually launched IPO in the U.S. stock markets. The original main man behind Criteo is Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, and now he has a new company. This time, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle partnered with Francis Cohen, Romain Niccoli, and Florent Bouteiller. The new company is officially dubbed as “Less.” According to reports, the company has already raised around $19 million from Daphni and Index Ventures.

At its core, Less is categorically a ride-sharing service. However, it not exactly an Uber clone. Less puts more focus on short distance travel. The company’s main idea is to match commuters to drivers who are going to a specific location in the first place. It’s like a hitchhiking service, but not exactly free.

The business model is a bit tricky, and that’s why Less is initially focusing on developing its own navigation app. This would also mean they are getting in the ring with the more established Waze. Less is banking that commuters and drivers would make the switch to Less by giving hefty incentives.

Less navigation system includes turn-by-turn directions. No surprise there. However, what sets Less different is it rewards a bit of cash for every kilometer that the driver passes through an area with “outdated data.” This could be .05 or .15 per kilometer. In return, Less will have better information with regards to traffic and travel time.

However, the ultimate goal is to allow drivers to pickup-up a paying hitchhiker. It’s isn’t particularly geared towards professional drivers. However, if you are going to the office, and you’re alone, you might as well pick-up someone that’s going in the same direction as you and save on gas money.

As of the moment, Less is testing its concept in Paris area.