A DigixDAO Cryptocurrency Review

A DigixDAO Cryptocurrency Review

The concept of digital gold is not something new. This was an ingenious innovation for representative cash way back in the age of the gold standard. N

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The concept of digital gold is not something new. This was an ingenious innovation for representative cash way back in the age of the gold standard. Now, this idea has been successfully integrated into our own digital world via the digital currency DigixDAO that stands for autonomous decentralized organization. It offers the time proven reputation of gold along with the lightning quick speeds and unparalleled convenience of online transactions. This digital gold payment system has being built on the blockchain Ethereum platform. This definitely means that it taps into the blockchain’s immutability, auditability as well as transparency attributes. Well, here then are some basic info on this highly innovative venture you ought to be aware of.

What are the top benefits of DigxDAO?

The assets of this cryptocurrency leverage the growing interest in smart contracts, like earlier noted, via the Ethereum blockchain platform. This is a decentralized platform, which has been developed on a customized blockchain. In turn, this makes it the most perfect decentralized asset exchange in the planet. Granted, users still have to rely on centralized financial establishments to hold and audit their gold assets. However, the distributed ledger technology now facilitates for the tokenization of physical gold. This process involves the secure storage of crucial asset data on an unalterable public ledger. These gold tokens can then be traded on ‘trustless’ peer to peer global markets. This obviously implies that you can conveniently execute digital gold transactions all around the globe at essentially no cost at all. Thanks to the digital characteristics of DigixDAO, this digital gold is highly divisible. As such, it is affordable to send a kilogram of gold as it would be for a 1,000th gram. The guiding vision of this venture is to make digital gold tokens that can then be ‘minted’ into existence via a corresponding buying of real physical gold.

How can you be able to mine DigixDAO?

Obtaining mined coins of this digital currency is also possible. To get more in-depth details on just how you can be able to do this please feel free to visit http://www.dgx.io/

DigixDAO market exchanges

You can execute payments in digital gold with this digital currency payment system. At the same time, you will be in an excellent position of selling your digital gold assets in exchange markets via the OpenLedger platform for hard currencies such as US dollars, Euros, Chinese Yen and so on. This is also the case with other notable cryptocurrencies currently available in the market. Some of the most prominent include Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares to name just but a few you could settle for.