A Cryptocurrency Review On ScoreCoin (SCORE)

A Cryptocurrency Review On ScoreCoin (SCORE)

Scorecoin (SCORE) is the successor to Tradecoin of the same developers, and is the second cryptocurrency developed by them. SCORE has been developed t

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Scorecoin (SCORE) is the successor to Tradecoin of the same developers, and is the second cryptocurrency developed by them. SCORE has been developed to be the choice cryptocurrency for Mobile Gaming and Mobile based rewarding systems. Scorecoin is designed to be the mainstay fro Android. It is therefore apparent that the 2017-18 developer roadmap focuses on browser game integration and Android based reward integration. The Android based Get Reward App gives the users the ability to earn Scorecoin and Tradecoins.

Scorecoin is pegged to be THE go to coin used in games and apps with tremendous benefits and growth options for the early adopters. SCORE is a very young cryptocurrency when compared to the others and has only been traded in the market from the April of 2017. Reviewers have been very vocal to say that the young cryptocurrency has a very bright future. Considering the fact that SCORE is intended to be promoted in the gaming arena, one can only expect that this cryptocurrency is aimed for an upward trajectory in the near future.

The Community

Every cryptocurrency out there is shouldered to success by the support of the community that promotes and embraces the currency and its underlying development principles. Scorecoin has very reasonable expectations of growth in its infancy but is poised to witness booming growth in the long term depending on the community that supports it. The development team listens to the Scorecoin community and this perhaps is a differentiator that helps this currency grow.

Growth and the Past

Scorecoin was introduced in the market on the 1st of April, 2017 and since has seen fluctuations in its price compared to the USD. Being the young cryptocurrency that it is, it did not break the mould of any expectations for a long time since its introduction.

Although, it witnessed some spikes along the way, the coin didn’t see any substantial growth until the middle of July. At it’s peak the cryptocurrency has closed at $0.0155 on July 16, 2017.

21In July the currency also witnessed such achievements as $80,000 volume pass through Scorecoin in the markets. Subsequently, it has reached trading volumes of $200,000 and even up to $300,000 in the month.

This had pumped up the belief in the coin and perhaps might have been the reason why it showed the kind of volatility in July 2017. There were members of the Scorecoin community who believed in the fundamental principles of development of this cryptocurrency and believe that the future of this cryptocurrency is very robust.

The total coin supply of the coin is pegged at 50 million.

The market is bullish about the prospects of this cryptocurrency. However, there is lotto be seen about what the future unfolds in terms of development and associations.

As on Aug 31, 2017 the coin is being traded at $0.0125.

When the masternodes are completed, probably in September 2017 the believers in the cryptocurrency are awaiting a bullish Scorecoin.

People need all the activity that they can manage in the cryptocurrency market.

Scorecoin Mining Summary

If you need it mined, it is!

According to the statistics Scorecoin Network Hashrate has been pointed out as 15.68 GHz/s with a Scorecoin difficulty of 525.9477. With the exchange rate stability that it has, the focus still has been on growing this cryptocurrency to its full potential.

Future Perfect

No one can predict the future prospects of this cryptocurrency, but looking at the general prospects, maybe there is something at play here. Maybe Scorecoin will achieve what it was mean to achieve – growth and freedom.